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Great role models for modern homes: projects by TSEH Architectural Group and Black Pencils Studio

In this article, we continue with the great role models for modern homes. We present you a project from Kiev in Ukraine and the LADPRAO 80 House from the Black Pencils Studio in Bangkok. They are examples of modern houses based on a reconstruction of old buildings. Inside and outside, you recognize the most modern trends.

Open living plan in the project Tash – Ukraine

open plan living room

Reconstructed modern houses

The first object is located in a suburb of Kiev in Ukraine. The names of the architects are Denis Zadniprovskyi, Anastasiya Cherevishnaya, Iurii larionov, Kaplia Antonina. The house stretches over 141 square meters and we owe the great pictures to the photographer Sergey Polyushko. The previous owners totally neglected it and so had to do a lot of renovation work.

The original building had many small rooms and an Attic construction. In the redesign, the dividing walls were removed. Part of the load-bearing wall also fell away. In their places come some wooden beams. As is typical of modern homes, the dining room and kitchen have become a single space.

Open plan: kitchen and dining room in one

open plan kitchen dining room

Living room at double height

Already before the renovation you had a living room on two levels. But access to sunlight was not enough. Because of this, a fire pit was built in the corner. To brighten the room should also the plasma TV opposite the couch be installed. Almost all the ideas, including the floor plan, the self-leveling floor, as well as the kitchen counter at the window and the color combination were approved by the client for the comfort and modernity.

The Neuhaus design shows a lot of metal elements. This is e.g. the staircase leading to the balcony via hidden doors. In the entrance there are 4 cm metal frames that protect against mechanical damage to the corners.

outside with spiral staircase

LADPRAO 80 House

The second project, LADPRAO 80 House / Black Pencils Studio in Bangkok, Thailand, was also built on the basis of existing structures. This time it was not just about renovation, but also the union of two old houses. One was constructed in such a way that a double living volume was created. The second served service functions behind the parking lot and the garage.

There is an extension of the main building. It surrounds this in L-shape and houses 4 bedrooms, which are located on the second and third floor.

From the south there is a lot of sunlight and the building is ventilated. The private space is protected by several layers of architectural elements. Wooden lattices, stainless steel frames and wide glass facades are just a few of these.

facade lateral view

Privacy protection

From outside, the house is surrounded by trees and fence. These serve as a natural privacy screen. Furthermore, interesting patterns emerge in the interior through the play of light and shadow. There are also exciting mirror effects on the glass facade.

Thanks to these effects, the atmosphere in the house changes from morning to night. The interior also has an influence on its surroundings. The tectonics of architecture contributes to the three-dimensional appearance of the facade. An exciting constellation of functionality, spatial quality and architectural aesthetics comes together.

In practice, both houses prove to be very comfortable and cozy. Everywhere it is very spacious and very bright. All the inhabitants, including four dogs, seem to still feel comfortable in it after many years.

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More about the TSEH Architectural Group project



dining table view


living room stairs

LADPRAO 80 House / Black Pencils Studio

view with facade

facade with parking at night

inner staircase

mirror effect facade

Street view


to the street view


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