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Ground trampoline in the garden: what should be considered when buying and installing?

Do you want to have lots of fun with your children? Then install an in-ground trampoline in the garden! Floor trampolines have become really modern lately because they represent a safe and space-saving variant compared to the conventional trampoline. Here we explain all the pre-and post-processing steps for an in-ground trampoline and what you should consider when building one in the garden. Have fun while reading!

Ground trampoline in the garden – advantages

Bodentrampolin im Garten Vorteile

bodengleiches Trampolin Inground Kinder spielen

bodengleiches Trampolin montieren Schema

bodengleiches Trampolin fröhliche Kinderspiele

Kinder Spaß bodengleiches Trampolin

bodengleiches Trampolin Standort auswählen

bodengleiches Trampolin rund Gartenweg

A floor trampoline in the garden offers your children numerous play and sports opportunities. Its minimalist design inscribes itself very well in the green garden landscape and can even look decorative. Inground trampolines are safer than the conventional models because the little ones cannot fall off.

You don’t need to climb a ladder either, which makes getting on the trampoline very easy. In the winter months, the ground trampolines can be easily covered – you can even use artificial turf for this purpose. Compared to the traditional trampoline, the floor-level model cannot tip over in strong winds so that injuries and material damage in the garden cannot occur. Finally, it can be perfectly combined with football, basketball, and other sports facilities.

Installing the ground trampoline in the garden: what are the disadvantages?

Bodentrampolin rund groß eingebaut

Bodentrampolin Spielplatz Kinder Sicherheitsnetz

rechteckiges Bodentrampolin Basketball

mehrere Trampoline eingebaut Boden Spieplatz

Bodentrampolin Basketball Spielplatz Kinder Garten

Bodentrampolin rechteckig klien Kinder

Bodentrampolin auswählen rund oder rechteckig

Trampolin bodengleich Fußballtor Garten

In-ground trampolines also have some disadvantages, mainly associated with their installation. It’s relatively complicated and time-consuming, and you have to dig a big hole in the garden. This makes the trampoline less flexible than the usual models, which can be moved to another location if necessary.

The floor-level trampoline can also be laboriously dismantled. Furthermore, with loamy soil without a drainage layer, there is a risk that rainwater collects underneath, which you have to pump out later.

Find the right location

rundes Bodentrampolin fast umbemerkbar Garten

bodengleiches Trampolin abdecken Herbst Winter

Bodentrampolin montieren im Garten

Trampolin Spielplatz Kinder Rasenfläche abtrennen

bodengleiches Trampolim im Garten einbauen

rundes Bodentrampolin einbauen Garten Standort

Bodentrampolin groß rund Garten mit Pool

If you choose an in-ground trampoline, the first important step is to choose a suitable location. Ideally, it should be in partial shade near the house. A minimum distance of 2 meters to the garden fence, the house facade, nearby trees, garden houses, etc., is also a necessity.

Places surrounded by ornamental grasses and shrubs or in the middle of the lawn are ideal for the floor-level trampoline. You can also buy a fall protection floor for the area around the trampoline – it should be slip-resistant, weatherproof, and frost-proof. If the soil in your garden is damp and loamy, we recommend that you seek advice from the manufacturer. A drainage layer of gravel under the lawn can often solve the problem.

It is also important to ask yourself who will use the trampoline – only children or adults too? Most models have a load capacity of over 75 kg, but if several children jump on it simultaneously, they can easily exceed this. The so-called fitness trampolines, which are perfect for outdoor sports, are best suited for adults.

Round or rectangular?

Bodentrampolin Vor- und Nachtieln

Bodentrampolin eingebaut Spielplatz Garten

Bodentrampolin Basketball Spielplatz kombinieren

Bodentrampolin auswählen hilfreiche Tipps

And when it comes to the shape of the trampoline – most models are rectangular or round. The rectangular trampolines are the better option if you also want to do exercises on them. The rectangular shape also allows you to control your jumps better. But if the trampoline is only for children, you can go for a round design.

What should you consider when buying?

Trampolin bodengleich abdecken Kunstrasen

Trampolin bemalen Kreide Kinder

Trampolin groß rechteckig bodengleich

Trampolin bodengleich Sicherheitsnetz

Since the in-ground trampoline stays outside during the winter months, it should be of the highest quality possible. However, there is a wide variety of different models on the market, so you should consider the following when buying:

– The high-quality jumping mat is an absolute must. The suspension provides the necessary comfort when jumping. The more and softer the feathers, the more comfortable the jump will be.

– the jumping surface should not be too high. Usually, their height is about 30 cm.

– The protective edge should be at least 30 cm wide and UV-resistant. It ensures the stability of the construction.

– With the high-quality models, the maximum possible load is over 120 kg

– if you choose a round trampoline, the diameter is of great importance – the bigger, the higher you can jump in the air

– The trampoline should have a special cover against rain, snow, and wind

– If the trampoline has an integrated ventilation system, you can avoid waterlogging

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