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Guide to interior design – How to combine the living elements perfectly

There are many reasons to deal with interior design. Either you are moving into a new apartment and want to do everything better there or you feel bored by your old apartment or are annoyed by the chaos of this, so it is high time, finally, once the living elements perfectly matched. Whatever your situation, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Interior design ideas – wall design and color effect

With hardly a living element colors play such a large role as with the walls. Why? Because they create moods, influence thoughts and feelings. And that’s exactly why it’s so important to think about the wall color before renovating. Light tones are generally more recommendable than dark tones. But there are many possibilities. An example is white.

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White walls

It’s hardly brighter than white. This ensures that the room is friendly, clean and tidy. Especially small rooms tolerate a white wall paint and thus appear larger. White exudes calm and neutral. The color can also be cold and boring and make a room seem lifeless. Therefore, a white wall also tolerates color accents in the form of pictures, wall tattoos or borders. Read more about the meaning of color here , White is also suitable as a bedroom color. But others too Calming colors like chocolate brown and taupe are suitable. Whom white as a wall paint is not enough, finds Here are tips for living in white ,

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wall coating

The coating of the walls also influences the mood. Plaster works differently than rubbing plaster. Non-woven wallpaper works differently than woodchip wallpaper. In general, you should not mix the different wall coatings. However, a professional can advise you on this, because with different wall coating, of course, some rooms can be deliberately lifted off of each other.

Interior design ideas – The floor

The floor should only be brighter than the walls in exceptional cases. As with the wall coating, excessive mixtures such as laminate and tiles should be avoided.

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Keep your eyes open when buying furniture

Optimally, you agree with the furnishing everything from each other. Consider this when choosing the furniture in the furniture store. At home they often have a different effect than there, because you are standing on a different ground in a different light. You can counteract the often complicated and lengthy process of optimal interior design with an interior decorator.

From old to new

It does not necessarily have to be new furniture so that everything fits and is coordinated. You can also have new upholstery or covers made for your old furniture. Good interior decorators usually have their own upholstery, where they sew the covers and make the upholstery.

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Room design ideas – windows and daylight

Important in the design of the room is to use the windows optimally. Too little sunlight is overwhelming and can make you depressed. That’s why you should not only use curtains, blinds and Choose a pleated matching the furniture , but also use this sun and privacy protection as wise and economical. When hardly any light arrives, for example, attention should be paid to the thinnest possible curtain.

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Lighting in rooms

The right lighting is an important topic in an apartment. Work surfaces in the kitchen and in the home office should be well lit, so that even in lack of daylight long and concentrated work is possible. Decorative elements may like to be dimly lit. For the bedroom dimmable light is particularly good.

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