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Halloween Decoration Ideas – 33 ideas on how to create authentic Halloween mood

October 31, the eve of All Saints’ Day, is the feast of ghosts and witches. This comes from America, but Halloween parties and the typical Halloween atmosphere are already a tradition in Germany. Halloween is getting closer and closer and it’s time to consider an original Halloween decoration again. Because it is clear: bringing Halloween mood into the apartment is a must!

The guests still impress at the entrance with a beautiful Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration ideas for the entrance gourds and brooms

The Halloween party requires contemplating creepy decorations. Ghosts, ghosts, witches, mummies, skeletons, spiders, bats, black cats … Anything that causes fear is allowed as decoration. And if you’ve prepared yourself for Halloween with a matching disguise, then turn your attention to the Halloweeen decoration!

Surely you draw inspiration from the following examples!

Halloween decoration ideas for the entrance

Autumn and Halloween are directly linked. Actually, you can not create a real Halloween atmosphere if you do not use the most important gifts of nature in the fall. That’s right, it’s about the pumpkins! What is Halloween without pumpkins and bats at the entrance? Pumpkins with different faces and differently arranged, decorate stairs and house entrance and invite to festive mood.

You can create a fascinating Halloween ambience, if you use your creativity and courageously experiment! The outdoor area is a great space, where you could realize his original ideas. For example, transforming the garden into a spooky cemetery will certainly cause a stir! If you just want to suggest the festival, then set small accents. You could put a themed doormat outside the front door or put in typical Halloween symbols. So Halloween lanterns are just great to spice up the outdoors.

Halloween decoration and some autumn mood

Halloween decoration ideas for the entrance in black and orange


halloween decoration ideas for the entrance

Halloween decoration for the interior

Would you also like to clearly remind indoors that it’s Halloween soon, then watch out for a decent decoration! Stylishly, you can hint at the festival or bring it to the fore with bold decoration ideas. You can definitely count on gourds, because pumpkins are a classic in Halloween decoration. Pumpkin faces decorate not only the outdoor area, but also windows and table! Halloween garlands and original deco items also contribute to the festive mood.

Certain colors are better suited for your Halloween decoration than others. You will not make a mistake with black, white and orange!

Creepy and stylish at the same time!

halloween decoration ideas modern deco ideas for halloween mood

White candles with black lace for an elegant Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration ideas in black and white

Throw pillows with skulls creates a Halloween atmosphere in the living area

halloween deco throw pillow for the feast

Halloween table decoration

The Halloween Party will certainly be a success, if you put on appropriate deco items for the banquet table, even on the right Halloween recipes! Ornamental gourds and candles in suitable colors are of course a must on the Halloween table! Fingers made from sausages, mini-cakes with appropriate decoration or other treats in thematic form turn the banquet table into a real eye-catcher!

Fancy goodies make the party even more beautiful!

halloween decoration treats for the halloween blackboard

Creative table decoration with candles

halloween decoration ideas original candlestick with colored candles

Attractive autumnal table decoration for Halloween

Halloween decoration ideas with pumpkins for the interior

So celebrate Halloween, then take your time enough to create a nice scary atmosphere! Give the home a rustic or cozy touch at your convenience!

Halloween decoration ideas for the small balcony

halloween decoration ideas with halloween motives

The art of painting pumpkins

Halloween decoration with pumpkins in black gold

Creepy table decoration with candles

halloween decoration scary decoration with candles

Halloween decoration with skull

Halloween decoration scary ideas for the festive table

Is this Halloween decoration frightening you?

halloween decoration creepy and funny at the same time

Funny doormat makes the mood cheerful

halloween decoration ideas choose a matching doormat

Rustic Halloween decoration for the living room

halloween deco ideas fancy decoys for more mood

Typical Halloween decorative wreaths create an authentic atmosphere

halloween decoration ideas unusual ideas for a scary decoration

Decorative wreath of bats captivates the view

Halloween decoration in black and white with pumpkins and bats

Paint and decorate pumpkins for Halloween

halloween decoration ideas pumpkins creative paint

Autumn and Halloween decoration in one

halloween decoration ideas black pumpkin and trees

halloween decoration ideas windlight with candle in orange shades

halloween decoration ideas creepy halloween party organize

halloween deco pumpkin in black and white

halloween decoration original deco to halloween

Halloween decoration original scary decoration

halloween deco eating creative halloween

Halloween decoration festively decorate the table

halloween decoration ideas for the festive table

halloween decoration ideas with ravens and pumpkins

Halloween decoration decorate the hall abundantly

Halloween decoration to organize an exciting halloween party

halloween decoration stylish decoration with candles and branches

Halloween decoration with beech and bats

halloween decoration funny halloween party organize


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