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Halloween pumpkin – 40 fancy ideas on how to stage Halloween pumpkins

The pumpkin has long since become a symbol of the horror festival. Pumpkin faces are displayed to drive away evil spirits. Pumpkins offer so many possibilities for festive decoration that every home can be transformed into a feast for the occasion! pumpkins you can carve, hollow out, paint, decorate … If you use your creativity you can even combine the decorative with the functional.

Various pumpkin varieties in different colors arranged at the entrance, make a nice first impression

halloween kuerbis creative ideas for garden design

Halloween can be celebrated without much decoration. But there is something that should not be missing on the 31st of October: the Halloween pumpkin! There are so many different ways to stage this. Whether you arrange pumpkins or turn them into real works of art, you should not miss out on a matching pumpkin decoration. Let’s see what Halloween pumpkins can do!

Pumpkin Carving – Create a stylish Halloween decoration

halloween kuerbis carve ideas fine and stylish

carve pumpkin

A common way to use pumpkins as a Halloween decoration is carving. This is a well-known technique for creating a variety of pumpkin faces. Different varieties are suitable if you want to carve pumpkins. It is important to hollow out the pumpkin properly and to carve it with a suitable knife. For this purpose, a carpet knife is perfect. Do you want to carve a fancy Halloween pumpkin, use your imagination and a suitable manual of course! Big pumpkins are easier to turn into a grin than small ones. But combine several pumpkin heads, if you want to create real fascination!

Create works of art with little effort and a lot of imagination

halloween kuerbis buffets carving ideas

Create pumpkin monsters

halloween kuerbis fancy idea for Kuerbisse zombies

Paint pumpkins

For Halloween, the indoor and outdoor area is eagerly decorated with pumpkins. A particularly popular method, pumpkins as Decoration for Halloween to use, this is to paint. There are so many options possible to combine colors and motifs that create real works of art! Large and small copies in matching colors and patterns can be wonderfully coordinated with each other and thus provide real highlights in the Halloween decoration.

Unusual pumpkin decoration in soft shades captivates the view

halloween kuerbis bacon bamals in fresh colors

Colored decoration ideas with pumpkins

bouquets unusual ideas bouquets painted

Popular heroes are breathed life

Chewies Funny Painted Popular Heroes

Decorate Halloween pumpkins

You also like to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Different materials and techniques are suitable for creating fascinating decoration. You can not only make a stylish decoration yourself, but also something special, which makes good mood.

Creative craft ideas with pumpkins

halloween kuerbis kuerbisse decorating ideas

Tiny flowers are perfect for the pumpkin decoration

Bouquets decorate purple flower

Creative decoration ideas with pumpkins

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to decorating with pumpkins … Different DIY projects can be made with the help of pumpkins. Funny decoration or striking accents make for a festive mood!

Funny decoration that also serves practically

halloween kuerbis carve funny deco ideas with biscuits

It’s so easy to create funny pumpkins

buffets fancy deco ideas to halloween

A vampire can also be made from a pumpkin!

halloween kuerbis unusual scary ideas

Make jack-o-lantern

Carving grimaces into pumpkins is a long tradition. Today glowing grimaces of pumpkins are still a common decoration for Halloween. You can use candles as well as battery operated tealights, flashlights or even fairy lights to illuminate the pumpkin heads. The horror party is illuminated in a spectacular way with Jack-O-Lanterns.

Carving pumpkin and making a Jack-O-Lantern yourself

tinker halloween kuerbis lantern

It’s entirely up to you to consider a proper Halloween decoration and immerse yourself in a festive Halloween mood. One thing is for sure: The Halloween Pumpkin is a must for indoor and outdoor decoration! Create a festive mood and enjoy an eventful horror festival!

Halloween decoration in black and white

halloween kuerbis painted black white

Make a spider out of pumpkin ?! Why not?

halloween kuerbis carve creative ideas make spider yourself

Pumpkins in the eye-catcher!

halloween kuerbis carve deco ideas with croissants

Be creative!

halloween kuerbis carve decoration for inside or outside

halloween kuerbis diy deco ideas to fest

halloween kuerbis carve ideas manifold pumpkin faces

halloween kuerbis carve creative ideas

halloween kuerbis carve creative ideas for kuerbisgesichter

halloween kuerbis carve creative ideas for the scary party

halloween kuerbis carving cucurbits to arrange ideas

halloween kuerbis carve and decorate creepy creatures

halloween kuerbis carving different kuerbis faces

halloween kuerbis unusual deco ideas

halloween kuerbis fresh deco ideas for the entrance

halloween kuerbis carve ideas for the scary party

halloween kuerbis creative deco ideas with biscuits

halloween kuerbis creative decoration with biscuits and plants

bouquets painted ideas stylish deco ideas

halloween kuerbis creative kuerbis faces

halloween kuerbis stylish ideas

halloween kuerbis creative ideas on how to paint gourds

halloween kuerbis buffets decorate with footprint

make halloween kuerbis carve halloween lanterns yourself

Kuerbisse Herbstdeko with pumpkins to Halloween diy decoration

halloween kuerbis lanterns for outdoor use

halloween kuerbis carve outlandish ideas for halloween decoration

halloween kuerbis carve fancy craft ideas festive mood


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