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Halloween pumpkin, the symbol of the scary day!

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Ideas on how to shape the Halloween pumpkin

Halloween is the biggest festival in the fall. Everything related to this season looks gorgeous! But nothing is better than the dark night decoration for the 31st of October. Pumpkin is one of the Halloween symbols and you should not miss the pleasure of transforming yourself into a scary face or a great lantern.

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

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Carving out the Halloween pumpkin is a traditional part of the feast. Mostly, these vegetables are transformed into a spooky pumpkin lantern. In this article we have some interesting ideas on how to shape your orange vegetables in a new, as yet unknown way.

Gentle and effective pumpkin decoration

halloween pumpkin pictures halloween pumpkins

To make sure you come up with original Halloween decorations every year, you should always look for new ideas. Not everyone has the strength to cut out the pumpkin. But you can also make an original pumpkin face with little effort. Take a marker, a small carrot, sunglasses, a hat and create a funny Halloween pumpkin face. The good thing about this idea is that it fits every pumpkin size, color and shape. A pumpkin and a little imagination is all you need.

Carving pet face on the pumpkin

deco halloween halloween pumpkin pictures

After you have a clear idea for designing the Halloween Pumpkin, the fastest and easiest way to make it happen, use a carving template. The selection of such is huge. A good idea is z. For example, carve your pet’s or favorite singer’s face on the pumpkin. Your imagination knows no bounds, right?

One thing you should not forget! Leave an opening for the candle, because that would not be a real pumpkin lantern without a sparkling light in it!

The carving technique of Ray Villafane

halloween pumpkin carving halloween ideas

We’d like to show you some eye-catching Halloween pumpkins, the American Ray Villafane created with the carving technique. This technique is not an easy thing. But it is worthwhile to have only looked at the pictures.

An exuberant carving work

halloween pumpkins halloween pumpkin pictures

Only a professional can achieve this effect

halloween pumpkin halloween pumpkins halloween ideas

Paint the pumpkin in bright colors

halloween decoration halloween pumpkin pictures

Unlock your creativity

halloween pumpkins halloween pumpkin carving templates

Turn the pumpkin into an old grandma

pumpkin carving halloween halloween pumpkin pictures

Show your hand skills

halloween deco halloween pumpkin pictures

Trick or treating?

deco halloween halloween pumpkin pictures

A light table decoration for Halloween

halloween table decoration halloween pumpkin pictures

The candlelight completes the right Halloween look!

pumpkin carving halloween halloween deco halloween pumpkin

A sparkling pumpkin decoration

halloween pumpkins halloween decoration halloween pumpkin

Draw the facial lines exactly using a template

halloween ideas halloween pumpkin pictures


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