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Handicraft with natural materials in autumn – 33 decorative ideas to make your own

Soon it will be autumn again and you can once again enjoy the uniqueness of this season. But you do not just discover another side of the natural beauty, but have a great opportunity to put into practice creative DIY projects using natural materials. The craft fans have a wide scene available to show creativity and originality. Look for some inspiration, then take some time and enjoy the great examples that follow!

You can also do the autumn decoration yourself

tinker with natural materials deco wreath and pumpkins

Crafting with natural materials is preferred by many people. It is practical and personal … In addition, there are a large number of natural deco-constituents in the fall. Autumn offers a wide range of materials and ideas for home decoration. What can you tinker with the gifts of autumn?


The list of DIY ideas is really long!

Creative deco ideas for the fall

Autumn is unimaginable at home without a lot of pumpkins … If these are missing, there really is no autumnal mood to be felt! For this reason, you must make sure that you use pumpkin abundantly. These have a place both on the autumn table, as well as on the stairs at the entrance. When decorating with pumpkins you can be especially creative. The Internet is teeming with ideas on how to paint pumpkins or what creative projects can be realized with them. Halloween is a fine example of the perfect pumpkins for fancy autumn decoration. In the following, we have collected such decoration ideas that fascinated us the most.

From chestnuts you can tinker almost everything! A deco wreath too!

diy deco deenkranz make from chestnuts

Paint the pumpkins!

Paint diy deco pumpkins

Make autumn decoration out of wood

Wood is another material from which you can make beautiful autumnal decoration yourself. With a little skill one creates wonderful decorations in the form of a pumpkin or other figures.

Make a funny autumn decoration out of wood yourself

diy deco ideas autumn decoration made of wood


Table decoration in line with the fall

The table decoration in autumnal style is a must. Fortunately, decorating the autumn table in harmony with the new season is child’s play. In autumn every step of the way will be matched with natural materials that are perfectly suited for the autumnal decoration and provide an authentic autumn atmosphere in your own four walls. Chestnuts, colorful autumn leaves and pine cones are just some of the many autumnal gifts of nature.

Colorful decoration for the autumn table

tinker with natural materials table decoration with gifts of nature

Autumn door decoration made of natural materials

Even in the fall one strives for an inviting entrance. Arranging pumpkins at the entrance has long been a tradition. But there is something else that will not be missing at the entrance in autumn: the deco wreath! This is a nice greeting to all guests and makes a nice impression in the fall. You can easily do an autumn wreath on your own. There are not many things necessary: ​​a few branches are enough! These are usually rose hips, wild berries and rowan berries.

Make a stylish deco wreath

tinkering with natural materials deco wreath for the decoration of the entrance

If you want to tune yourself and your apartment autumnally, there are several variants. The main thing: you create a cozy atmosphere in orange and red tones. Help yourself to your imagination and be inspired by the numerous ideas in our picture gallery!

Decorate creatively with pumpkins

decorate diy deco ideas for autumn gourds

Very simple and stylish

tinker with natural materials leaves and gourds

Arrange pumpkins

tinkering with natural materials deco ideas with pumpkins

tinkering with natural materials deco ideas with branches

tinker with natural materials dekokranz for autumn

tinker with natural materials dekokranz for the entrance door

do handicrafts with natural materials dekokranz yourself

do handicrafts with natural materials to make autumn decoration yourself

make pumpkins with natural materials

DIY Deco Ideas Fancy creature made from pumpkins

diy deco ideas for the autumn unusual decoration made of wood tinker

tinkering with natural materials with pumpkins decorating the entrance

tinker with natural materials beautiful eyecatcher for the autumn table

diy deco ideas unusual wooden decoration in orange

diy deco ideas made of wood herbstdeko itself

diy decoration decorate the entrance

diy deco ideas for the autumn of chestnuts

diy deco ideas for autumn made of natural materials spirits made of wood

Make diy deco ideas for the autumn gourds

diy deco ideas for autumn with natural materials

make diy decoration yourself halloween decoration

diy deco ideas autumn decoration made of natural materials

DIY decorations make wooden spirits yourself

diy deco pumpkin as a deco vase

diy deco ideas funny wood decoration for the fall

diy deco ideas for children use chestnuts and foliage

DIY Decorating Ornamental Gourds In Glass

tinker with natural materials decoration for the entrance

diy deco ideas with pumpkins and chestnuts


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