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Handmade elven jewelery full of natural finds and magic

Elven jewelry to enchant at Etsy

At the same time, in our increasingly rational and accelerating world, we long for a lot more of deceleration and romance. Nowadays, everything around us seems so “disenchanted” and somehow self-evident that every little bit of magic is welcome. That’s why we were so delighted when we joined the magical elves jewelry by the Irish artist Kay Bells Etsy have encountered. In her boutique Ruby Robin numerous handmade jewelry can be found. And each one has its own special, magical aura. Most of them are necklaces with pendants made of glass. However, chic boutiques, bangles, cufflinks and rings can also be found in the boutique. Her elven jewelry is made by the artist mainly from sterling silver and brass. All creations have a special one Vintage Touch and at the same time simple and elegant. They contain tiny natural finds, pressed flowers and even crystals. Each piece of jewelery is a single microcosm that not only enchants the wearer, but also astonishes everyone who looks at it.

Elegant elven jewelery made of sterling silver

elven jewelry handmade pendant silver chain summer flowers

The original elven jewelery can also be worn as a personal souvenir anywhere. So you can z. B. Order your own jewelery by Kay. All you have to do is write and send the items you want. It will then be your very special and unique necklace with pendant, bangles, ring etc.


make. Not only herbariated flowers, moss and crystals, but also a small piece of lace are suitable Your wedding dress z. B. or a strand of hair from a loved one.

Elfenschmuck Pendant made of glass with roses

Elf jewelery handmade glass pendant silver chain roses

Check out all of Kay Bells beautiful elven jewelery creations here, and for even more magic and inspiration visit the artist in her Boutique online , Of course she has one too blog where you can gather more exciting ideas and get in touch with Kay directly. She tells you in pictures the genesis of some of her jewelry creations and even has some delicious recipes to imitate that you should definitely try out.

Have fun and stay inspired!

Glass ball with colorful herbarised flowers and moss

pendant handmade silver glass ball moss pressed flowers silver necklace

Drop-shaped glass pendant with cork

elven jewelry handmade glass necklace cork flowers


Magic crystal and forest plants

elfenschmuck terrium handmade pendant glass moss crystal amethyst

Filigree brass bracelet

armlet brass glass flowers round elfenschmuck handmade

bangles brass glass vintage jewelry handmade herbarised flowers

Of course, this fits a brass ring with moss

elfenschmuck handmade ring moss glass brass

Or a glass ball full of dandelions

elfenschmuck glass ring round dandelions seeds brass

An amulet vial with pressed summer flowers is also suitable as an original gift idea

elven jewelry handmade necklace silver pendant glass bottle cork dried summer flowers

In it you can use dried lavender z. B. plug

elven jewelry handmade necklace silver pendant small glass bottle cork

Dandelion Umbrella

Elf jewelery handmade small glass bottle cork necklace silver pendant

White feathers

feather pendant handmade elfenschmuck copper glass

Or why not pressed flower blossoms from pansies

pansy herbarium glass bottle cork pendant silver chain

elves jewelry handmade earrings copper glass dandelions seeds

elven jewelry handmade glass silver herbarised flowers necklace silver

elven jewelry nandmade necklace pendant amethyst crystal brass necklace

elven jewelery terrium handmade trinkets pendant chains souvenirs

elven jewelry terrium nature hand made glass pendant necklace

Elf jewelery vintage necklace brass pendant glass moss

handmade glass brass ring flower elfenschmuck

handmade ring vintage jewelry brass glass pen

necklace pendant glass brass acorn motif moss handmade jewelry

necklace pendant glass brass necklaces dried flowers dandelions

cufflinks brass glass round dandelions

brass ring round herbarised flowers elfenschmuck

easter jewelery elf jewelery necklace pendant moss easter eggs thyme

silver necklace pendant glass dandelion seeds vintage jewelry

silver jewelry pendant necklace handmade herbarium daffodil

silver jewelry chain pendant glass pressed summer flowers moss dandelions

terrarium earrings moss glass brass handmade

vintage jewelry handmade necklace brass pendant red rose

vintage jewelry handmade copper pendant rectangular pressed flowers moss crystal


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