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Hanging baskets will make your design ideas flourish

Hanging basket plastic Viola tricoleur

Hang hanging baskets and create a charming look on the porch

Do you want to turn your veranda or terrace into an oasis of well-being for the coming months? Then act quickly! We’ll give you some practical tips today on how to do that. The solution is to hang beautiful hanging baskets!

Here with us you can inquire about the possible materials of the flower container, about the soil supply and care, the various ways to design hanging flower arrangements for the lush and abundant appearance of your porch or terrace. Just read on and collect new ideas, draw inspiration from our gorgeous picture gallery!

Design your balcony or terrace with many flowers and fascinate your guests and friends

Hanging pots plastic petunia

We know it, many of our readers love hanging traffic lights full of wavy flowers and green foliage. These types of flower containers are undoubtedly a charming addition to your porch, gazebo or patio. They’re also pretty easy to do, especially if you know the good tricks of the game! Below we give some tips for planting your hanging baskets and maintaining them in the best condition throughout the summer season.

You can hang all containers that do not weigh much, of course

Hanging baskets make plastic themselves

The basics

Every housewife or hobby gardener wants to have breathtaking hanging baskets outside on the porch or patio. For this to happen, you must first get the right containers. You can use plastic hanging pots or wire baskets lined with coconut fiber as well as rattan baskets and even glazed ceramic pots with specially designed hooks. Do not forget, in this case it is mainly about the question of aesthetics and the sight you are looking for. Note, however, that depending on the different types of containers you should expect varying watering schedules, as the soil in each bin needs unequal time to dry out.

Magic! Everything is allowed!

Hanging basket lamps themselves make playful

Which flowers are appropriate for a hanging traffic light? The most beautiful looking ones are those that do not have a stiff upright habit, but rather have a slightly descending, drooping or arched habit. Opt for plants like Ivy, ferns, succulents, vines and Annuals as Petunias, spring herbs, geraniums, lobelia and fuchsias.

The fern is also easy to arrange in hanging baskets

Hanging basket even fern

It is recommended to abstain from plants with extensive root systems, even if they are Zwergergarten. The group of varieties that you should avoid, include all plants with unusual sizes, as the flower baskets in principle exceed the measures of 30 to 60cm in diameter rarely. Give up plant species with very specific or tricky care requirements such. B. Orchids, Tillandsien and

Bromeliads, which could complicate your care work to maintain the facilities.

Wherever fragrant flowers grow, it’s just gorgeous

Hanging pots outside planting streets lantern

Drainage. The conditions and techniques for drainage will vary widely, depending on the type of material your flower baskets have been made from. The wire containers with coconut fiber lining will dry out almost by itself; the hanging ceramic pots, on the other hand, can retain too much moisture; while the plastic containers offer a good drainage.

Although there is a lot of work in the garden or on the terrace, just look at this magnificent specimen!

Hanging pot plastic itself make coconut shell

If you have used coconut fiber lining, remember to first place a plastic mattress on the bottom of the hanging basket and only then add soil and plants – this will keep some of the water below the soil layer, where it will be reachable for the roots before it completely dry out.

Not only beautiful, but also practical, instead of flowers, something like tomatoes to plant

Hanging basket of plastic tomatoes

but if you use ceramic vessels, you must cover before procuring any ground and any plant the bottom of the tank with a gravel layer, still water the plants sparingly to protect them from rotting, and generally choose those plants which prefer a bit more moisture, so you finally know you have done something that counteracts the lack of water drain holes.

….or Chillies ..

Flower baskets outside planting Chilli schotten

I’m not a big proponent of plastic pots. I do not like it when they are on display. However, there are a few tricks I use to hide them, especially in those cases where they prove to be the best choice. I use long creepers like Ivy, petunia, calibrachoa and sweet potato vine , which overgrow the pot and completely obscure. I replace the original plastic hanger with decorative chains. Only a few minor enhancements can turn the boring plastic container into something far more attractive.

… or strawberries

Hanging baskets outside planting strawberries


How much water does a hanging lamp need? One wonders that certainly still in the design. I must say right away: the soil in the hanging baskets normally dries much faster than the one in the garden. So, you must be prepared to water your plants daily, unless they are extremely dry-loving. If your flowers are directly exposed to the sun, they would probably even need a watering system twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) to keep them well hydrated.

Meanwhile, we find hanging baskets in every garden center, but you can certainly create your own

Hanging flower outside greenhouse

If you have inadvertently skipped a day or two and suddenly find your soil completely dry and your plants withered, turn off the traffic lights and try to slowly irrigate the inside of the vessel. You may need to cut out the withered leaves or flowers.

Very individual and at the same time adorable are the (self) crocheted flower baskets

Hanging flowerpot petunia


Regardless of the container in which your hanging flowers grow, they will need regular fertilization. You need to know that potted plants leach nutrients from the soil much faster. Your job then is to look after appropriate and timely fertilizer additions to keep your plants healthy and healthy. Be careful, however, and do not overdo it with fertilizer, as in such cases it can be detrimental to the plants and prevent them from blooming. It would be best to use water-soluble general-purpose fertilizers. For my one-year plant species, I use slow-release fertilizer, which gives them extra support that they can use throughout the growing season.

A flea market find or old ceramic bowl – as long as you fix these well, you could use all the matching shapes for your flowers

Hanging flower pottery plant

Fertilizing can take place either monthly or weekly. This explanation mainly concerns the flowering annuals, which need a lot of nutrients. For ferns, succulents or cacti you have to follow the instructions on the packaging, but in most cases the monthly fertilization would be quite sufficient.

Similar to street lights, this idea carries the romance and warmth of Spain

Hanging flowerpot outdoors spanish

We wish you a wonderful summer with many beautiful hanging baskets on your veranda or terrace!


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