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Hardy perennials: 7 beautiful species for your garden

winterharte Stauden tolle Ideen für den eigenen Garten

Hardy Perennials: Which Are The Best Species For Your Garden?

den Garten verschönern winterharte Stauden

winterharte Stauden blühend herrlicher Look

winterharte Stauden pflegeleichte Arten

winterharte Stauden tolle Ideen für den eigenen Garten

winterharte Stauden Garten verschönern

winterharte Stauden blühende Arten

In principle, all perennials are hardy, but they can withstand sub-zero temperatures differently. There are species that are only suitable for milder regions, while others can easily survive in extremely low temperatures below -45 degrees Celsius. The perennials with a winter hardiness of Z7 (-15 degrees) are simply ideal for Germany. The types of satiety that we present to you here belong precisely to this group. You can also protect the tubers or bulbs of the perennials that remain in the ground during winter by covering them with straw or leaves. In this way, the plants will successfully overwinter and sprout again in spring.

Flowering hardy perennial – catnip

Katzenminze zarte blaue Blüten

winterharte Stauden Katzenminze

winterharte Stauden Katzenminze Gartenbank

winterharte Stauden Katzenminze pflegeleicht

The first hardy perennial that we introduce to you is the catnip. It blooms in dark purple from May to September and its leaves have a fresh, minty aroma. The plant is particularly undemanding and is characterized by good stability. We recommend that you choose the “Walker’s Low” variety – it is the perfect bed neighbor for roses.

Hardy perennials: giant leek

winterharte Stauden Riesenlauch

Riesenlauch sternförmige Blüten

Riesenlauch zarte lila Blüten

Riesenlauch einpflanzen pflegelicht

Our next suggestion is a flowering, hardy perennial that is a real eye-catcher – the giant leek. This upright perennial reaches a height of about 180 cm. It looks particularly impressive with its large white or purple flowers that can be seen from June through July. Various ornamental grasses are suitable bed neighbors for this easy-care plant.

Elven flower

winterharte Stauden Elfenblume

Elfenblume pflegeleicht

Another perennial that you can use to beautify your garden is the so-called elven flower. The plant is suitable as a ground cover and underplanting of trees because it also thrives well in the shade. The “Frohleiten” variety blooms from April to May with small yellow flowers. The leaves are brownish-green in color all year round.

High forest goat’s beard

hoher Wald-Geißbart weiße Blüten

hoher Wald-Geißbart im Garten einpflanzen

winterharte Stauden blühende Arten hoher Wald-Geißbart

winterharte Stauden hoher Wald-Geißbart

The tall forest goat’s beard looks really impressive. This hardy, clumpy perennial reaches a height of about 180 cm and for this reason needs a lot of space in the flowerbed. Otherwise the plant needs little care. Its large, showy yellowish-white flower panicles open from June to July.

Hanging pillow bellflower

Hängepolster Glockenblume blaue Blüten

winterharte Stauden Hängepolster Glockenblume

Hängepolster Glockenblume einpflanzen Gartenweg

Hängepolster Glockenblume herrlicher Look

Are you looking for a hardy perennial that is suitable for ground cover and also impresses with beautiful flowers? Then the hanging upholstered bluebells might be the right choice for you! This cushion-like growing perennial reaches a height of about 15 cm. It prefers dry and stony soil, which makes it ideal for a rock garden, for example. The variety “E. H. Frost ”is very suitable for Germany and has beautiful, star-shaped bluish-white flowers.


Bergenie Pflegetipps

Bergenie Blüten klein zart

winterharte Stauden Bergenie pflanzen

winterharte Stauden Bergenie

Another popular and common hardy perennial is the bergenia. Its delicate pink flowers open from April to May. In addition, the plant is particularly robust and inspires all year round with its beautiful foliage. We recommend that you plant the bergenia in small groups so that it comes into its own.

China autumn anemone

China Herbstanemone Blüten

China Herbstanemone pflanzen

winterharte Stauden China Herbstanemone

winterharte Stauden blühende Arten China Herbstanemone

Our final suggestion is the beautiful Chinese autumn anemone. The plant grows to a height of 50 to 70 cm. The “Praecox” variety has beautiful, pink flowers that appear from August to October. They are particularly popular with beneficial insects such as bees and bumblebees.

Other hardy perennials can be found here, for example, and ordered online.

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