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Hardy plants – Keep the garden beautiful all year round

garden plants white camellia hardy species

Hardy plants help you create a garden that always looks beautiful

Nature manages to show us its beauty in all seasons. If you are well versed in your resources, you can always experience something new and interesting. This is wonderful for example hardy plants in the garden.

These can grow in frost and snow. They show flowers and leaves in the most varied shades, even when the low temperatures force us inside.

The beautiful snowflakes …

hardy plants garden plants snowbells

Holly are stylish garden plants

hardy plants ilex flowerpot garden plants

Such garden “inhabitants” ensure interesting appearances and textures even in the coolest seasons and create unexpected accents in the outdoor area. They help us in this way to bridge the rest period of beauties sleeping in the winter, without being too sad.

There are actually many hardy plants , But we have chosen only a few to give you more inspiration. You may already find among these the right solution for your garden, or maybe you feel more motivated to continue searching yourself.


The first in our list of hardy plants is the camellia. It is characterized by the glossy and deep green leaves. But really striking and encouraging are her flowers. They can be found in bright pink and red. Not all camellias can survive at very low temperatures. You should look for suitable hybrids. Important for their care is the windbreak. Especially at the beginning of the growth plants have to be protected. Also, you should know that the camellias are growing slowly. That’s why they need to be planted soon enough.

Red camellia

hardy plants camellia red garden plants

Japanese maple

Japanese maple is native to Asia. This tree is very popular because of the beautiful leaves that it shows in the fall. In winter, they are great fulcrums in the garden.

Japanese maple can take the form of a vase and together with twigs and branches make wonderful cascades

hardy plants garden garden Acer palmatum

When growing this plant you should pay particular attention to the following things: fan maple grows very slowly. He is also easily attacked by aphids.

Holly (Ilex)

To be honest, we were slightly annoyed when we came across the holly during our research into winter plants. We thought: how can it be that we did not notice this idea before?

Create a responsive garden

garden plants ilex hardy plants garden landscaping

The holly is a joy at Christmas and make in many houses the festive mood at all. There are different types of holly regarding the shape of the leaves. They look very interesting and diverse and also make for a very interesting appearance.

Wintry vegetables

Planting vegetables in the fall is a great idea for landscaping and for having a healthy menu in the cold seasons. There are many hardy plants which can survive until the first frost. These are, for example: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, onions and cider.

Mostrich flowers

hardy plants garden garden mostrich

White cabbage in own garden

garden plants hardy white cabbage planting garden

The flowers of the spinach

garden plants hardy spinach garden plants

Purple cauliflower

garden plants cauliflower plants garden


Snow bells show their gentle shape over the snow even longer in front of the other plants. Surely that speaks well enough for how hardy they are.

Plant them in time so that the snowflakes will bring you joy in January

hardy plants snowflakes garden planting ideas

berry bushes

Most winter hardy plants set accents in the landscape through their wonderful bars and leaves. The berry bushes, on the other hand, can also introduce colored dots. At least some of these. This is not the only advantage they have.

They also provide food for the birds, which are not easy in urban areas during the cold seasons

hardy plants decorate berry bushes garden

Blueberry shrub

garden plants blueberry shrub garden framing


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