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Hibiscus – that certain something for inside and outside

Hello, dear flowers! Today we continue our series of articles in which we give you useful information and important care tips for very different houseplants and garden flowers present. Since the plant world for its own four walls and the outdoor area is enormously rich and varied and constantly surprises us by unique shapes and delightful colors, the possible publications about it are almost endless. Today we take a close look at a tropical plant that adorns the interior as well as being an indispensable decorative element in the garden. We reveal the unique charm of an exotic that many people care for at home. The hibiscus, also called Chinese marshmallow, Chinese rose or Chinese rose, is now attracting our attention and is the focus of our interest. Come along and discover the Chinese rose in its full bloom, with its unique shapes and stunning colors. Immediately dive into the wonderful hibiscus world!

The dark green leaves form the appropriate background against which the delicate hibiscus flowers come into their own

Hibiscus flowers pink

  • Worth knowing about the hibiscus

There are over 300 worldwide today Hibiscus species each of them has its own charm and specific features. These beautiful plants can be found not only in the tropical regions, where they grow mainly as smaller trees, shrubs and hedges. In Europe and especially in Germany in Germany, the hibiscus is also a popular plant.

They are often cared for outside on the terrace or balcony in the pot or bucket or they decorate the window sill inside.

In different cultures different meanings are attributed to the hibiscus. In Europe, this plant is known as “delicate, fragile beauty”. Originally from the Far East, the Chinese Rose is referred to as “gentle flowering” in its homelands. In China, the hibiscus flower is a symbol of fame, wealth, splendor and sexual attraction. In Hawaii, she is also praised and is even elected the official flower of the island nation. In the local history and cultural tradition, the gentle flower symbolizes the royal power and stands as a symbol of respect.

Funnel-shaped flowers in bold colors are a treat for the eyes

Hibiscus flowers

  • Some important care tips for long-lasting hibiscus flowering

When it comes to flower splendor and beauty, no flower can compete with the hibiscus. Its dark green leaves have a jagged leaf shape. They shimmer slightly and form the most appropriate background for the delicate hibiscus flowers, before which they unfold their splendor. The color spectrum is broad and ranges from white to soft pink to crimson and violet. There are still varieties that are even more striking and flowers in yellow and rusty brown wear. As a flowering plant, the hibiscus needs a sunny spot indoors and a well sheltered location outside. At temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees C, he feels powdery. Only when the thermometer rises above 15 degrees in the spring, you can bring the hibiscus outside on your terrace or balcony. But choose for him a place without direct solar radiation, because the delicate plant does not like the bright sun.

The hibiscus prefers a sunny spot, but does not like the bright sun

Hibiscus chinarose

On hot summer days you should spray your darling with lime-free water. Water regularly, but in small amounts, and avoid both waterlogging and dryness. Here is the rule: if the upper layer of soil is dried, you have to pour the Chinese rose. It is best to always use lukewarm water for watering. Fertilize the rosemary with organic fertilizers and compost. For your care, the Chinese Rose will thank many times. It can bloom continuously from May to October, delighting its eyes and soul with its unique beauty.

The garden fish always attracts everyone’s attention

Hibiscus garden marshmallow

  • Cut hibiscus and overwinter

These two aspects of hibiscus care are especially important for the proper growth of the plant and for its magnificent blooms, so we want to pay extra attention to it. If you cultivate a shrub in the garden, then you know it well – this garden shrub is hardy. We just recommend cutting this one in the spring. Then the hibiscus brings strong shoots and grows fast. Also, be warned that such plants often grow in height, but they do not bloom. Experts recommend cutting the garden fish every three years. Then you can count on beautiful flowers from late May to late September.

The outdoors growing hibiscus plants can survive well in a warm place outside the winter. If your hibiscus is in the pot, we recommend bringing it inside and keeping it in a sunny spot at home over the cold months. However, the delicate plant can not tolerate temperatures below zero, but at those above 15 degrees, the Chinese rose can spend a great winter. Begin the hibernation campaign at the end of September, as gentle Chinese rose no longer tolerates changes in the location.

To admire these delicate flowers, you need to properly care for the hibiscus.

Hibiscus flower

Maintain your Chinese rose so that it does not get brown spots on the leaves. This is a clear sign, on it sits the leaf spot fungus. Fight it and remove the damaged leaves. Wilted leaves and flowers must also be collected and disposed of. In case of water shortage even the leaves fall off, so it is recommended to follow the most important care tips.

For the right care the hibiscus thanks and shows you its most beautiful shapes and colors! Every sight is a real pleasure!

Whether inside or outside, the hibiscus with its fragile and beautiful flowers can always surprise you

Hibiscus flower tender pink

All reds can be seen in the flowers of the Chinese rose

Hibiscus flower Carmine red

Admire the blossoms of the Chinarose!

Hibiscus flower fine forms

Hibiscus is the undisputed eye-catcher inside or outside


Pure beauty from nature!

Hibiscus pure beauty from nature

Nature is the greatest artist!

Hibiscus Balkony Ideas

Natural beauty that you can admire daily

Hibiscus, ideas

So much charm is hidden in a small hibiscus flower!

delicate Chinese rose blossom

The Chinese rose also blooms in blue …

Hibiscus chinese rose blue flowers attractive

…. And can look very attractive in yellow!

Hibiscus chinese rose yellow

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