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Hirschgeweih Deko – imitation decorative items for DIY

deer deco deko antler deko deer

Hirschgeweih decoration for animal rights activists!

There are tendencies that can not be overlooked. Such are, for example, the vegetarian life, the pursuit of nature conservation and also our love of animals and the belief that the animals have real and deep emotions just as we do.

In this sense, many lovers of real hunter art are criticized for their home furnishings.

Opting for such could also bring a lot of negative reactions. It may be that one or the other visitors are reluctant to come home.

A deco idea for animal lovers

deco decoration deco antler deer deco

But does this mean that you should renounce decoration deer? Today, we probably have no moral right to treat the animals cruelly. We have enough additives and knowledge to make up for the protein needs of other foods.

Although we still want to eat meat, we could treat the animals mentally and physically well. At least they did not suffer that way, even if they turn into raw material.

The good treatment of animals is ultimately also very good for us. It is said that with the genes and the flesh the fear of the animals is transmitted to us. Most of us, whether they admit that or not, are fascinated by the old hunter stories and myths. That’s why you like to integrate them into your own life.

However, as with the vegetarian proteins, we no longer need to kill animals so we can experience the magic of deer antler at home. We would like to talk less about details, but show you some meaningful examples.

Deer silhouette on a board

deer head wanddeko deer horns delo deer head deko

Let the spirit of the deer reign in your home. In a rustic setting you can lean a wooden board against the wall and paint it in white and decorate it with deer figurines. Thus, you are contemporary in any case, but you also live up to the traditional rural mood.

Here we see a very related idea, but this time the shape is much more neutral than before.

Cut the deer antler out of an old material

deer deko deko deer

Do you have an old material, sheet metal or something else that you would like to use in an innovative way? You just want to use it as a decoration, but do not know which would be the appropriate motive? Maybe your apartment is in the countryside or you want to pick up on the subject of forest or even Christmas? In all or at least in many cases one could opt for deer antlers.


throw pillow deer deko deer deko

Do you want to perform the deer antler decoration in a minimalistic version? Take a look at this example here. Everything here looks Scandinavian and Nordic. Also really good at the place.

Love for photography

wall decoration deer head deer deco deko antler

Such a classic beauty from the world of photography! Classic in the selection of colors, the motif and the style of the representation in the form of triptych. Can you imagine anything better for the yellowish nuances than this deer antler? The author has to offer deco of the best kind here.

Deer antler knit decoration

deer deco deer deco deer head deco

Do you enjoy knitting different types of figures? Why do not you try this time with the motif of the Hirschen Kopf? Take a look at this model! It’s a great role model, right?

Is this a painting?

deer deko dekoideen deko deer

Here we see, as in some of the examples from before, the depiction of deer silhouette on a surface of wooden strips. But you have a great background in blue and a white figure. Now take a closer look: The moldings are also painted!

So you can perform the deer antler decoration in any shape and with arbitrary colors. Also, you can choose between super many different shades. So the decoration fits almost any ambience.

Within the apartment of the urban and modern kind, however, such a decoration would serve as a linchpin. You therefore have to find reference objects that together make up a meaningful topic. So you integrate the whole thing in an idea and the device will be upscale and uniform.

A sculpture made of paper

deko deer deer deko deer deer wall decoration

Perhaps, however, the painterly representation is not enough for you and you would like to have an animal sculpture at home? It does not have to be expensive. Someone who can work well with paper could make it out of cardboard or some other cheap material.

The good night story

dekoideen deer deco deko deer

How do you make children happy? Small objects, which make of the premises something of a magical wonder world, can certainly help in this regard. The stag theme can literally be brought to the table as here. It can serve you as a bedtime story!

A great idea to welcome your guests

deko deer deco antler deer deco

Deer antler made of plaster

deer deco deco cherry deco ideas

A wall tattoo is an animal-friendly decoration idea

wall decoration deer deko deer deko

Could you also make this cardboard antler?


Murals in different shades

deer head deko deer deco wall decoration ideas

This glittering deco idea is very easy to tinker

deer head wall deco deko deer stag deko

How do you like this flowery idea?

deer wall decoration wall deco ideas deer deco

A very suitable deer antler decoration

wall deco ideas deer deco deco antler

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