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Home decorating ideas that make old things look like new

Living in an old house or in a dilapidated apartment is a big challenge. We could take these on for different reasons. Some love the aesthetics of the past and the feeling of living in a place with a lot of history. Others find this option cheaper.

In both cases one would like to refresh an atmosphere with modern interior design ideas. We have a few methods for you that work well in such cases.

Home decor Ideas – Clean the carpets or replace them with new ones

Living room set up home decorating ideas

The floor is not really perceived, but on a subconscious level, it plays a vital role in how one feels in an apartment. Refresh the design of the tread. Wash the carpets or replace them with brand new ones. If the floor covering is of poor quality, you can also laminate it with textiles.

Make the guide visible

decoration living room dwelling ideas

In an old apartment there are many objects. There are traces of several renovations and transformations. All of this could lead to chaos. Consider a decorative concept to which all available details fit well. For everything that is open, find a meaningful place in the whole interior. What remains superfluous should be hidden or adjusted.

New windows and doors

The investment in new windows and doors has a double benefit. On the one hand you contribute to the more effective use of energy in the house. In addition, refresh the interior design purely visually.

Home decor ideas – lighting

interior design ideas renovate home decorating ideas

What is not allowed to look old is the lighting. Even the antique-looking lights should be equipped with well-functioning and strong light bulbs. Check the condition of the whole installation. Can it withstand a greater burden and integration of even more lamps and modern forms? Current functionality, aesthetics and quality automatically ensure good mood, modernity and positive mood in your home.

Decorate the walls

furnishing tips apartment design apartment furnishings ideas

Do you have many scratches and bumps on the walls? Take the necessary measures to make it look smooth and fresh with renewed surfaces. Where that does not go any more because of deeper damages, you should laminate the defects with decoration.

More natural light

Old buildings often have far too little natural light. Take a look at the floor plan, analyze the different rooms and consider whether it is possible to break new windows. This makes the ambience a lot more comfortable.

Home Decor Ideas – Paint the walls regularly

bedroom renovate dwelling ideas

The regular brushing of the walls has a refreshing and at the same time disinfecting effect. This is even more important in an old house than in a new one. You should refresh the color at least once a year.

You also need to refresh the wood surfaces regularly with paint and varnish.

Put modernity in the right places

dwelling decoration ideas living room decorate

The mixing of new and old should not only be done according to aesthetic criteria but also according to practical criteria. Replace all obsolete kitchen utensils and tableware with new ones, refresh the technology to save you time and energy. As soon as an old chair or other piece of furniture breaks down, replace it with a new one, which refers to the historical context and offers comfort at a contemporary level. This is not the only way to transform the interior design of old houses, but experience has shown that it works best for most home residents.

Modernity and the old – forms of living together

home decor apartment interior ideas home decorating ideas

Modernizing your home can be done naturally. You can do it step by step, depending on your plan, and make it happen without risky, drastic changes.

You should always follow this principle when making changes to old homes if you want to adequately introduce modern style into an old building in a simple and secure way.

This does not mean that you have no alternatives.

You have at least two such: you can completely get the old style of living. In doing so, the modern facilities, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen, have to be hidden.

The third alternative is the complete modern interior decoration. In this case, the traces of the old would have to be completely concealed with elaborate design. A careful renovation is necessary, often even changes in the floor plan must be made. In this case, you need professional planning and execution.

Of all the alternatives, the slow transition to the new is most appropriate and cheap for the average homeowner – the other two are expensive. Because the expensive antique furniture and the expensive technical measures cost a lot of money!

How would you go about designing an old apartment?

Home Furnishings Ideas – Refresh the atmosphere with modern home decorating ideas

dwelling furnishing ideas furnishing tips living room design

A new color will make the bathroom look new

bathroom renovate dwelling ideas

Home Furnishings Ideas – Get a new release from outside as well

home decorating ideas renovate house

The good lighting creates a sense of modernity

kitchen renovate dwelling ideas

Home Decor Ideas – Refresh the color of your kitchen cabinets

Einrichtstipps Wohnungseinrichtung Ideen Kuechengestaltung

The repainting of the doors peps up the whole interior

Flat set up home decorating ideas

Home Furnishings Ideas – Retain some old-fashioned accents

kitchen furniture apartment furniture ideas furnishing tips


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