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Homemade flowerpots – a guide and other DIY ideas

In this article we write about a great occupation for DIY lovers for the summer. The green plants and lush blooms are just part of this season. So would be great homemade teapots for their storage a wonderful idea. Both the plants and the flowerpots, which we will show you below, have a decorative value in themselves. But if you make it into an overall concept and little work of art, then the whole thing has something even more positive about it! So let’s give you some inspiring examples. Also a great guide from pictures is included.

Create high-contrast deco through your DIY flower pots

DIY planter a small standing piece

Glamorous flowerpots emphasize the sculptural appearance

There are probably some plants that could be described as modern. These are those with a sculptural appearance of the leaves. Like these on our first photo! They emphasize this character through a contrast. In this case, you got it through a lush flower pot.

You could do it yourself – either you take another vessel with a shiny surface and adapt it to the needs of the plants. Or you can spice up a common plant with golden paint or a foil! In both cases you will achieve a similar effect.

The flowerpots can make a great wall design

diy-planter-elegant-wall design

Accent wall with artistically distributed flowerpots

The zoning of open living spaces is a key concept in modern interior design. The accent walls and the creative wall design as well. For both purposes, such an installation of flower pots and wooden boards could be wonderfully suitable. The structural elements in this case have both a decorative, as well as a supporting function. This homemade idea for the wall may be particularly suitable for larger apartments, if you want to feel the room visually and thus make it more comfortable. A handy tip: Position a flowerpot installation in a sunny spot in the room. So the plants will be able to develop much better!

Sculptural figures – a great table design with flower pots

DIY planter geoemtric shapes

Create an exotic mood with macrame


Bringing exoticism into the room through hanging baskets

Filling the interior with plants is a very good method if you want to create an exotic atmosphere at home. But the best way to achieve this effect is with hanging staffs. So your interior has something of the character of a rainforest. The DIY ideas are a very good idea in this case. They give you the opportunity for customized solutions. These should then be in line with your interior design and decoration. The macrame with its knitted patterns is ideal for this otherwise neutral and bright decorated space.

With DIY planters you can also spice up the entrance to the house

DIY planter wooden vessels

Create contrasts!

In the example above, we see a contrast between a modern, neutral wall and vintage flower pots. A juxtaposition can not exist only in a stylistic sense. Likewise contrasting colors of different kinds together make up an appealing concept. Most of the time, of course, the contrasts come about when, e.g. Plants spread in a bright room. This is all the more noticeable when they are attached to the wall. Consider other contrasts that are more original and modern!

The vertical wall design with plant pots could become the linchpin in the room!

DIY planter industrial style

Wall design with flowerpots

The wall design flower pots is certainly very modern, currently un multifunctional. That was just the talk. That’s why we included many such examples. Finally, we would like to show you some instructions in pictures, which will certainly help you to make such a plant installation!

DIY instructions for accent wall with lattice and flowerpot decoration

diy design of wall planters

Here are the materials you need for such an installation with flowerpots

Great idea with a lattice planter

The grid must be very well attached to the wall!

great gutter construction planter

Pour planter ready

Pay attention to the details – if they are well thought out, the whole DIY idea looks great!

planter finished wall design

The flowerpots can be combined with other deco!

Planter great objects ideas

planter great wall design idea

Special metal facilities will allow hanging the flowerpots!

Planter preparation process

Attach these carefully to the desired locations!

planter planters at the lattice

There are many easy-care and abundant-looking varieties. They would be ideal for such DIY ideas

Planter pots in several colors

Like any other wall design, this should be done with the flowerpot grid …

planter beautiful ideas for the wall

… to be in harmony with your interior design

beautiful and interesting wall design planter

Here are some great DIY ideas with flowerpots!

DIY planter with picture frame

DIY planter beautiful partition

diy planter great pot of concrete

Wooden flower pots can make something special out of a tricky wall niche!

DIY planter vertical planter

DIY planter balcony railing

DIY planter great patio design

The rough aesthetics of such DIY flowerpots contrasts beautifully with the gentle appearance of the plants

it blocks of different materailia diy planters

Art installation DIY planter


pot-on-a-wooden-base diy-planter

The succulents are a universal and easy-care solution. They would be ideal for DIY ideas of this kind!


Ornament with stones DIY planter

A central piece on the table in vintage style – a great DIY idea for the summery terrace!

Central piece for the table DIY planter

DIY decoration wall design with planters

Here is something Skulptrales and Modernes that can be crafted with DIY flower pots in interesting geometric shapes

small planters DIY decoration

Such a hanging beam of high-contrast materials would appeal to many!

DIY decoration hanging planter

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