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House design and country style furnishings!

Learn about the differences between chalet, country and rustic style before designing a country house

Would you like to design a country house soon? Feeling unsure about the style in which it should be set up exactly? In our opinion, a successful design requires that you have a clear idea of ​​the style. There are different styles of country houses and it is essential that you distinguish between them. Otherwise, you will miss the marks of the different styles. Failure to do so can lead to very unsound house designs.

The most popular styles for home decor are chalet, rustic style and country. At first glance, they look very similar. But as soon as you get to know them a bit more, you will never confuse them again.

Stay tuned and find out how easy it is!

Why is it confusing?

house design house set up

But let us first discuss why it is even confused? Here are some similarities that contribute significantly:

One renounces the superfluous decoration and relies on futuristic forms.

For the ceiling design wood panels are used.

But let’s take a look at the individual styles one by one and discuss which properties determine their individuality.

Characteristics of the chalet style

chale furnishing style house plan yourself

The most specific properties for the chalet style are the following:

  • beamed
  • Old wood and unprocessed materials
  • Lack of bright colors in the interior design
  • Simple furniture made of solid wood
  • Use of fur, fur, hunting souvenirs in the decoration.

For the chalet-style ceiling design it is obligatory to have wooden beams in the interior.

For the wall design specially processed old wood is used. For the visual highlighting of some areas one uses unprocessed stone.

It also happens very often that some walls are plaster plastered and finished in white.

color palette

chalet style house design house planning

The color palette should use warm and calm pastel shades. These are mostly beige, milk white and terracotta. In addition, the whole range of calm autumn colors could be used.

Gray and brown are used very measured.

The furniture

living room decorate house planning house design

As with the other two styles, the solid furniture is also very widely used here. Specific to the chalet style is that they are decorated with no carvings or other ornaments.

It is very desirable that the wood shows clear signs of aging.

A chalet house should ultimately look like a hunter’s lodge. That’s why all trophies and hunting souvenirs are welcome.

Distinctive features of the rustic style

house design rustic style

Here are the typical features of the rustic style at a glance:

  • Roughly processed wooden beams;
  • Roughly processed wood and minimally processed stone;
  • Dominant brown color in the interior design;
  • Roughly processed and unpolished furniture;
  • Restrained decoration consisting mainly of tree branches and minimum of textile used.

In the rustic style, we have to do it on the ceiling with rough processed beams. You always have to be in strong contrast to the walls. The rustic interior design does not rely on the old appearing wood. This material should look rather robust. Cracks, fractures, inequalities and natural defects should be visible.

Design house and furnish it in style

interior design house planning house design

You can also use stone for the design. These should also be roughly processed.

The bed can be partially or completely made of wooden beams.

In the decoration one uses different smaller and larger tree branches, different elements of wood and also others – from wrought iron.

Popular decorative elements are vases, goblets made of cast iron, and red brass. In the rustic style, the utility objects also play a decorative role. For example, you should use as high as possible looking metal cutlery.

Furthermore, wicker baskets, kitchen utensils made of metal, wood and clay pots are used. The ceramic also plays an important role.

The ornaments are untypical of the rustic style.

House design in country style

country kitchen equipment house plan yourself

If we should mention the most important points that make up the character of Country Style, then it is important to enumerate the following:

  • Ceiling provided with gypsum plaster;
  • Wall-paper wallpapers with floral patterns or stripes;
  • White, green, light blue color and nuances of brown;
  • Wooden furniture provided with ironwork;
  • Excess of handwoven textiles;

In addition to the ceiling, which is provided with gypsum plaster, comes for the wall design and the wood in use. The material retains its natural character.

The wooden furniture would have to look simple, but very old. Typical are simple, carved decorative elements. For the decoration, any available items are used, including those that are used in everyday life – napkins or glass bottles, for example.

Some tips at the end

rustic style house planning house design

After the introduction and the individual descriptions, you should now easily distinguish between the three styles. Here are some more tips that may be useful for better differentiation.

If there are fur and other hunting souvenirs in the interior design, then this is chalet style.

If you discover massive, rough beams in the interior, as well as hardly any textiles, then this is probably a house in a rustic style.

If the ceiling is wood rather than gypsum plaster, the interior design is dominated by the light blue and green colors, and there are many textiles, then this is country style.

All three styles use the same materials

chalet furnishing style house planning house design

There are different styles of country houses

cantry style house design

House design – A modern chalet style decor

modern chalet style house design

All three furnishing styles completely exclude the glass surfaces

kitchen design country style house design

It dispenses with unnecessary decoration and relies on futuristic forms

bedroom chalet style house planning house design

In the rustic style, we have to do it on the ceiling with rough processed beams

country style house planning house design

House design – Wooden panels are used for the ceiling design

chalet home style house house plan house design

rustic bathroom interior design

Chalet style – use of fur, fur, hunting souvenirs in the decoration

chalet style house planning house plan house design

House design – The rustic style is based on sturdy-looking wood

rustic kitchen design house planning house design

Chalet style – Specially processed old wood is used for the wall design

Home decorating house house planning

White, green, light blue color and nuances of brown are used in country style

country style living room house design

Design House – It is highly desirable that the wood shows clear signs of aging

house design chalet interior design interior design house design

Do you want to sleep like in a fairytale forest?

house planning house selner plan house design

House planning rustic style house design

House Design – Country Style Deco Ideas

kitchen equipment country style house planning house design

Rustic bathroom design house plan house design yourself

Ceramics also play an important role in the rustic style

rustic kitchen interior design house design

house planning house design home improvement

rustic furniture house design

rustic style house design

country style kitchen furniture house planning house design

bedroom furniture rustic style house design

style combination house design house planning

flat design country style house planning house design

apartment design house planning home interior design house design

living room country style house planning house design

country style house design

Rustic style house design


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