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How kitchen design and balcony come together

kitchen design small kitchen set up balcony design furnishing tips

Ideas for integrating the balcony into the small kitchen

Each of us would like to have a large and spacious kitchen in his house. We would then set them up according to our dream ideas, with everything we wanted! But the reality is a bit different … The majority of us do not live in tiny apartments, but not in very large areas.

If there is a lack of housing, it usually comes to alternative variants. Today we want to show you how in some countries such possibilities have been invented, which combine kitchen and balcony.

Make the balcony a complementary part of the kitchen design

kitchen ideas kitchen design furnishing tips balcony design

The popular solution for enlarging the kitchen is by uniting the balcony and kitchen – if one is available. It is important, of course, to do this according to the rules. Then some requirements should be met … But this is a difficult topic that we like to leave to the professionals …

The transition

kitchen design small kitchen set up kitchen design


Let’s assume that all the papers are done. Let’s go to the interior of the kitchen, which has already conquered the balcony. The best and easiest solution for the composition of these two areas is to eliminate the adjacent windows and doors. The surviving half wall can be easily removed, e.g. turn into a bar counter. It is only possible to demolish this wall if it has no supporting function. But you should be safe here.

Important to notice

small kitchen set up kitchen interior design ideas

An important part of connecting kitchen and balcony is a good window system. This will make the open balcony a safe living space. The water and heat insulation is the other important point for the necessary living comfort. These should be laid out like on the walls as well as on the floor.

Kitchen design – A dining area on the balcony

kitchen set up furnishing tips kitchen design

Let’s get to the whole kitchen layout. The easiest way is to set up a dining area in the newly integrated kitchen area. This does not require much effort and assures you a view of the world outside with every meal. But would you rather have your sink next to the window? For this it is recommended to go to a water fitter. The new water connections are no easy task and should be laid and placed accurately.

Furniture and color selection

kitchen equipment small kitchen set up kitchen design

When all this is done, you can move on to the more pleasant part of the task. Namely for kitchen design. Which furniture, textiles and colors you choose is entirely up to your personal preferences. Those of you who need a source of inspiration can look at the pictures we have taken. Collect ideas and implement them in your enlarged kitchen …

The Blakon kitchen will spare you the unpleasant odors in the house

small kitchen set up furnishing tips kitchen design

Take a look at the city through a window counter

kitchen set up kitchen design balcony design

Kitchen Design – Custom furniture is the perfect solution for this room

kitchen design small kitchen set up kitchen design

The floor to ceiling windows provide more light in the kitchen

küchengestaltung furnishing tips balcony design ideas

Kitchen design – Sufficient lighting is very important for the small kitchen

kitchen design ideas balcony design ideas set up small kitchen

A perfectly created atmosphere to relax in the evening

kitchen design ideas decorating tips balcony design ideas

Turn the balcony into a small kitchen and save space in the small apartment

furnishing tips kitchen design set up small kitchen

Organize your new kitchen design in a way that suits you best

room design kitchen design furnishing tips

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