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Living ideas for little money – how the living room becomes an eye-catcher?

Lesen Sie hier unsere tolle Wohnideen für wenig Geld und machen Sie das Wohnzimmer zum Unikat! Gebraucht sind nur niedriges Budget und einer Portion Kreativität.

With the saying “My Home Is My Castle,” the English draws a very nice comparison that encourages us to make our living spaces extraordinary – yes, our own castle. The nice thing about this fact is that it doesn’t even take a lot of money. The combination of a manageable budget and a portion of creativity usually leads to significantly better results. So how can the living room be made unique with little effort?

Light elements set atmospheric accents

Leuchtelemente im Wohnzimmer setzen stimmungsvolle Akzente

With the right lighting mood, every living room can be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing in no time at all. What used to be an expensive affair is now easier than ever, thanks to modern LED lamps. You can get LED light strips or LED light strips in various lengths from the hardware store you trust for just a few euros. In most cases, these are even self-adhesive and can therefore be attached to almost any location. No matter whether as background lighting for the Smart TV, as interior lighting for your display case or the house bar, or as a stylish color accent under the sofa or behind the bookshelf – there are no limits to your creativity.

Leuchtelemente im Wohnzimmer -für wenig Geld

And best of all: Thanks to the supplied remote control, you can not only switch the lighting on and off at will but also change the light color at the push of a button. By the way, you save a lot of electricity and thus money with this very energy-efficient form of lighting. And if you want to save even more right away, you can also use this opportunity to change your electricity provider and secure yourself an Obi voucher that can be invested directly in LED lighting elements.

Wooden facing bricks for a natural atmosphere

Holzverblender im Wohnzimmer für eine natürliche Atmosphäre

“Nature” is also back in fashion in modern living rooms. If you too want to bring a piece of nature and the smell of fresh wood into your own four walls, so-called wood-facing bricks are ideal. These are wooden tiles that are used as partial wall cladding and thus set strong accents. Every well-stocked hardware store has an assortment of wood-facing bricks that come in a wide variety of cuts, types of wood and with a wide variety of surface structures from rustic to noble. Of course, the wooden facing bricks can also be perfectly combined with atmospheric LED lighting.

Stylish furniture made from old wine boxes

Stylische Möbel aus alten Weinkisten im Wohnzimmer

Have you had enough of boring bookshelves, room dividers, and multimedia cabinets but don’t want to spend huge sums on designer furniture?

Then old fruit and wine boxes are the creative solutions to this problem. Both in online shops and many hardware stores, you can get used to apple and wine boxes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, from which you can make your own individual designer furniture with a little skill. In no time at all.

The rustic boxes are stacked up to form a corner shelf that can be dismantled and expanded at any time or glued together to create a stylish multimedia cabinet for your Smart TV. A special eye-catcher is a so-called “flamed” boxes, which has been subjected to fire treatment and thus have a fascinating look.

Where can I get more ideas from?

Wo bekomme ich weitere Ideen für eine tolle Einrichtung für wenig Geld für Wohnzimmer her?

Anyone who has ever been to a well-known Swedish furniture store knows about the exhibition rooms’ inspirational power. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with our suggestions or looking for a supplement, a visit can definitely be worthwhile. This is especially known to troubled men driven through the furniture store’s hallways on a sunny Saturday and who actually long for the familiar surroundings of the neighboring electronics stores. An Ikea voucher as a bonus for switching electricity providers ensures you can get one or the other bargain.

Wohnideen für Wohnzimmer

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