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How to effortlessly mix prints in your home

How to effortlessly mix prints in your home

Patterns can be pretty intimidating to build into a room; However, if done correctly, they can effortlessly bring a room to life. With a little insider knowledge, you can begin to integrate layers of patterns like a pro. The key is understanding the principles of ornamentation with a pattern, once you start the magic will begin. We’ve put together the rules that you should know to effortlessly mix and match your home and help you along the way.

Remember the basics

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Whether you want to use one or two patterns, the key is always paired with base colors. With the basics, your space can look coherent while at the same time having the best of both worlds.

The first rule that you should always remember is to remember the basics. Every time you integrate a pattern into a room, you want solid colors from the color wheel. The solid hues center the patterns and allow them to make their own statement. Without the spot colors you would simply have a set of patterns without distinction.

Geometric patterns are great

Wie man Drucke in Ihrem Haus mühelos mischt
Geometric pattern is one of our favorites because it works well with several different colors, especially monochromatic bits. Combine with hits of color for a nice contrast, and you may even want to add hues to further enhance the beauty that geometric patterns bring.

Do not be afraid of geometric patterns. Although they can be intimidating, geometric patterns give a monochrome color palette a boost. They brighten the simplicity of every area in the house, including smaller spaces. The larger than life pressure gives a monochrome room the ability to come back to life.

Brighten a uniform look

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Take a hue and extend it by adding patterns in similar colors. This brings a coherent appeal that is seamless and beautiful. We love the idea that a color brings the space together with patterned and non-patterned bits.

We love the attraction of a unified look; However, to create a seamless, unified effect, you’ll want to add patterns in similar hues. You can combine several different patterns or styles, but make sure the same color scheme is maintained throughout the room.

Stay with a pattern

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Whether you use it as wallpaper, as part of your pillow or as both, choosing a pattern for use in a room is the way to go. This allows the pattern to become the main focus while it is essential to the room . Add it in a minimalist room for that pop of beauty

If you are thinking about a particular pattern idea, we recommend sticking to this one pattern instead of building in multiple patterns. In this way, this pattern will be in the foreground. Keep the rest of the room with simple colors and baselines.

Keep your biggest pattern on the floor

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Even if you already have multiple patterns in the room, you want your biggest pattern to be your rug. It will bring it together while still making the daring statement it should do. Combine with similar colors to bring the entire space to life.

A rule of thumb that you should remember is that your largest pattern should normally be used as part of your floor. Covering your floor with a large pattern works well with extra accent pillows that are either a similar color or a similar pattern. This brings a seamless togetherness in the area.

Bring the background picture

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Choose a color that brightens your living space while bringing a bold pattern. Adjust the rest of your furniture to harmonize your wallpaper. This will create a coherent incentive that makes perfect sense in space.

This really is not a better way to put a pattern in one area and then add a bold wallpaper. It brings the room back to life and adds that strong background element. Whether you use a colorful background image or choose a monotone option, it will produce the same effect regardless of it.

Combine dramatic patterns with simple prints

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Take a dark, edgy wallpaper and get wild! We love the idea of ​​a whole wall, which is covered with a dark patterned wallpaper, and thus can make the main message. Combine with additional neutral patterns to make this daring contrast between the two.

Just because you’re using a pattern does not mean you can not make prints. The key is working with patterns that appear in dark, rich hues and combine them with other similar colors. This feature gives the room a refined feel and yet is feminine and classic.

Combine multiple patterns ONLY in an open floor plan

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If you want to combine multiple patterns in a single area of ​​your home, consider your open plan area. Open floor plans are only those open spaces that bring air into a room. Adding patterns to these areas brings versatility and fun in a unique way.

If you love patterns as much as we do, you can combine several different patterns to create a beautiful, beautiful space. Keep them simple, but keep them bright so you get a consistent look, even if they contain many different patterns. Do not limit yourself to 2-3 patterns if you add 5 or more.

Patterned cushions for one edge

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Patterned pillows are heaven on earth for interior design. You can exchange them for different, you can remove them, you can even multiply how many you have. Combine with neutrals to bring beauty into the room.

Patterned cushions add an easy way to integrate patterns into a space that looks like he does not need it. Pair with simple colors or even other simple patterns for that minimalist appeal that makes absolute sense in the room.

Polka dot prints

Wie man Drucke in Ihrem Haus mühelos mischt
There is something fun and quirky yet whimsical about a polka dot pattern as part of the main focus. Combine them with other patterns to create a harmonious effect where your polka-dot element is still in the foreground.

In case of doubt, pay attention to a dot pattern. Polka dots bring a whimsical feeling exactly where you need it. We love the idea of ​​using a polka dot pattern that consumes the entire space, so that it occupies most of the space and becomes the main focus of the room.


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