How to make original jewelry stands yourself

What do you think of DIY jewelry? Do you still have a very clear idea if this would be a suitable variant for your style? We have some DIY jewelry stands here. Look at this!

This would enrich your imagination in a variety of ways. You will see many models. So you have a closer look at the end, whether DIY jewelry is your thing or not.

In addition, you would also be a bit oriented in the various possible models. From this comes the main advantage that you will not look for any, but for exactly the right criteria, when it comes to the appropriate Internet guide the speech.

Flowery ideas with porcelain

jewelry stand diy ideas jewelry storage

Last but not least, you can see that you can get a double benefit from DIY jewelry. It simply turns out to be great decoration for the home. DIY jewelry stands and holders, which can now be found on the net, also contribute a lot to this.

Glitter and glamor

jewelry stand make glitter

Picture frames provided with a net

Do you have beautiful old picture frames or did you find them somewhere in a shop with old objects? Network the space between them.

You can now arrange the different pieces of jewelery

jewelry stand diy ideas wooden frame net

Old bed or other frame

Have you also filled the basement with any old frames and racks? They are somehow petite and useless. But maybe? Maybe it would be possible to make these great DIY organizers.

Old gold and filigree embroidery

jewelry stand diy ideas picture frame embroidery

Do you have an old birdcage?

Do you have an old birdcage? Maybe you found one on the market and you want to have it so much, although you can not use it after the actual use? Well, here’s an idea: Make great DIY jewelry stands out of it.

Rasp cheese

Also cheese graters can serve wonderfully for the purpose just described. Once you buy a new one, paint the old one and attach the DIY jewelry to it.

Put on your favorite colors

jewelry stand diy idea grater paint


Let’s close the topic for today with the popular DIY jewelry ideas with these made from hangers. Do you keep them in the cloakroom, hallway or in the bedroom? Everywhere they fulfill the dual purpose – their practical function and serve as decoration in a wonderful way.

Imaginative and easy

jewelry stand diy idea hanger

Do not throw away the old spindle rods

Jewelry stand diy idea wood staff

Old wooden coils are also long to be used

jewelry stand diy idea wood coils

If you have too many pieces of jewelry

jewelry stand diy idea wood tray repurpose

Retro look with old porcelain plates and candlesticks

jewelry stand diy ideas old plate porcelain

Do you have a wooden box left in the basement?

jewelry stand diy ideas hanging rope wooden box

Tying tree branches and old leather belt together

jewelry stand diy ideas wooden branches

Paint simple wooden dowels as desired

jewelry stand diy ideas wooden dowel ombre

For real purists

jewelry stand diy ideas porcelain vase branches

Get craft materials while going for a walk jewelry stand diy ideas jewelry holder driftwood

Stick small animal figures on plates

jewelry stand diy ideas dish animal figures

A bit of imagination and hand skills

jewelry stand diy ideas make wall wardrobe yourself

Petite jewelry holder made of lace

jewelry stand diy ideas white lace

Funny DIY idea with animals

jewelry stand holder diy ideas

jewelry holder jewelry holder chains diy


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