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How to properly stage the leather sofa

Skillfully the leather sofa can be used as a design element

Brown leather sofa always looks attractive and elegant. It provides for an upscale luxury touch in the room. It represents the ideal intersection between elegance and practical character. The brown leather sofa is therefore chosen very often. In the following lines you will learn how to make the most of it.

New areas of application

In the modern apartment you will find ever newer uses for the brown leather sofa. So far, it has been mainly in the living room or bedroom, but it is now also in the modern kitchen design. With a matching leather sofa in brown, we can enhance the dining area or why not the winter terrace?

Leather sofa – the eternal classic

brown leather sofa in scene 24

Targeted to stage the effect of the furniture

leather sofa in scene 11

Show the love of the sofa extensively

brown leather sofa in scene 13

Create and maintain mood

brown leather sofa in scene 10

Highlight the color scheme through a color chart

brown leather sofa in scene 19

Achieve balance between aesthetics and comfort

brown leather sofa in scene 21

Find and find contrasts

brown leather sofa in scene 23

More comfort or more style

A brown leather sofa always looks great and elegant. You can decide if you want to emphasize this aesthetic effect a bit more. You can do this, for example, with a padded model. If the brown leather sofa is elegant enough for you, then you can do a little more for your comfort and opt for a particularly comfortable model.

Male design

The upholstered leather sofas are often considered a fitting choice for male room design. Combine with dark or rough-looking colors on the throw pillows and textiles. Make the leather sofa the central element in the room.

Create a color space

Brown leather sofa in scene 15

The decor reflects your personality

brown leather sofa in scene 2

It should be readable, what your favorite in the room is

brown leather sofa in scene 5

Less and more targeted

brown leather sofa in scene 8

Universal design

Depending on what throws and textiles you use, the design of the sofa can be very universal. For a softer effect, select the appropriate shades for the accents.

Correspondence with the rest of the facility

You have a lot of room here, because the brown leather sofa can register well in many different color palettes. Let it correspond with the rest of the interior, so that you achieve a closed and therefore noble character.

Bring some dynamics through decoration into the picture

brown leather sofa in scene 3

Feel the relevance of indirect lighting

brown leather sofa in scene 9

Brown leather sofa and the lighting

A brown leather sofa would look wonderful in a beautifully lit room or in a room with a fireplace and candles. Here you have to pay very much attention to the positioning, that you protect this noble material. Leather is damaged by excessive direct light and near heat source.

Multiple light sources allow you to define different areas in a room

brown leather sofa in scene 4

By coloring the sofa in foreground

brown leather sofa in scene 14

With strong presence of the sofa let the rest neutral

brown leather sofa in scene 6 Invite nature into the room

Do you want to achieve a room design with a very natural appearance? The brown sofa can wonderfully serve as a central element of such a design. Combine with even more brown in the interior, but at the same time strive for variety in the shades and textures. Bring the whole thing to life with bright flowers from well-chosen houseplants, as well as couples with golden and yellow accents. Strategically use green for a balance and even more closeness to nature.

To make things lighter and more elegant, use as many glass surfaces and accessories as possible.

Brave, but tidy

leather sofa in scene 7

Large area and room filling

brown leather sofa in scene 20

Covered tones create an elegant effect

brown leather sofa in scene 18

Natural materials and lots of light

brown leather sofa in scene

Stylized and sober

brown leather sofa in scene 17

brown leather sofa in scene 12

The leather sofa as a timeless interior event

brown leather sofa in scene 22

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