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Hygge feeling for more warmth and coziness at home

The Danish concept Hygge has rapidly gained popularity and is spreading as a new philosophy of happiness not only in Europe and North America, but also worldwide. Creating a hygge feeling at home means filling your own four walls with a cozy intimacy and contentment. It is also considered an antidote to modern and high-tech life. at hygge is about developing feelings of happiness, kindness and well-being in everyday life. On the basis of this life-style concept one tries to find deeper meaning in the ordinary life and to create a meaningful, mindful connection with the world. At Hygge, it’s not about big gestures, it’s about enjoying every day little luxury, to feel a sense of familiarity, comfort and kinship.

Well, before the onset of winter cold, it’s the best time to make yourself comfortable at home and spread more hygge feeling there, just as the Danes do! With a few tips we will show you how this is possible!

Hygge is the Danish philosophy of life for warm family relationships, happiness and satisfaction in everyday life

hygge feeling

  • More hygge feeling in your own home

So that you feel more hygge feeling in everyday life, you can consider the following ideas:

  1. Spend more time with friends and family.

We all know that it makes us happy to have a good time with our loved ones.


But when was the last time you sat at a big table with all your loved ones and shared fun and amusing stories until the wee hours of the morning? Laugh, joke and drink homemade cider in close friends and family – that’s Hygge! It guarantees you unforgettable moments with the beloved people!

Sit in front of the crackling log fire and feel complete relaxation

Hygge living ideas and lifestyle

  1. Sitting by the blazing log fire

Few things evoke feelings of coziness and warmth, more than a crackling fire in the coldest months. For a really cozy fire you should of course use real wood. In fact, in a homely setting, there should definitely be a stack of firewood that you can throw into the fire at any moment.

Discover the charm of simple things in life

Hygge style in the living room

  1. Keep things simple.

Why spend hours in the kitchen torturing recipe books to prepare complicated dishes? Do it the Danish way and cook simple food, be it a warming soup or a simple roast chicken, always choose something delicious that can be cooked with minimal effort.

Do you like to eat fish? Then you know the good taste!

Hygge Danish living happiness


  1. Dim the lights and use candles instead.

Danes love candles, and so do we. The flickering flames create a transient glow and give even the darkest room a comfortable feeling. But be forewarned, do not take scented candles, because in a typical hygge atmosphere, nothing is artificial – not even the candles. Beeswax is best.

Decorate with candles and create a homely atmosphere

Decorate with candles to create a homely atmosphere

  1. Decorate indoors and outdoors

We at Freshideen believe that a happy, healthy life has to be conducted in the midst of nature. But sometimes it’s just too cold to go for a walk outside. To counteract this condition, the Danes have developed great ideas to spread more warmth and natural coziness in their own home. They are big fans of bringing nature into the house: think of exposed stone walls, wooden floors, large wooden tables and, of course, logs that can be thrown into an open fire at any time.

Even the small elements contribute to the Hygge mood

hygge idees deco

Hygge feeling for the body

  1. Bake bread yourself

A freshly baked loaf of bread spreads a wonderful aroma that reminds us of old, rustic houses. Baking bread also has other advantages. On the one hand, kneading the dough can have a very relaxing effect on body and soul. On the other hand, home-made bread, taken straight out of the oven and deliciously eaten with family and friends, is one of the simplest pleasures of life.

Drink cocoa, laze and read an exciting book – that’s how the Danes live!

Hygge concept of the Danes

  1. drink cocoa

Can you still enjoy something delicious in the immediate vicinity? Yes, of course! You can use the hot stove to make fragrant hot drinks, for example cocoa. Stir the aromatic drink slowly and refine with real chocolate, cream and milk. Then enjoy it in small sips from a large mug. In addition to cocoa, you can make fragrant herbal tea and drink it with friends in the cozy living room. This is good for body and soul!

When the weather is cold you like to drink something warm at home

Hygge - cozy decoration ideas

– Hygge for a stress-free lifestyle

Our third set of clever tips includes ideas that guarantee a stress-free lifestyle during the cold winter months. What else can one do for oneself and one’s loved ones so that everyone feels happy?

  1. Go out often and seek contact with nature

In winter it is cold and gloomy. But that does not mean you have to stay locked up in your own home. Hygge Feeling means to achieve a balance in everyday life and to lead a good, healthy life. That is why contact with nature is absolutely crucial in the Danish concept of life. A long walk outside in the wind and rain will do you good. Take a warm scarf and let the wind stir your hair – this is also 100% hygge! Then come home and enjoy your cup of hot cocoa sitting on the sofa!

After a long walk in a blizzard you can enjoy your hot drink at home


  1. Read a book

Although Hygge has a sense of familiarity and togetherness, you can still sit alone and enjoy complete relaxation. There are only a few things that come into question here. One of them is cuddling under a warm blanket and reading an exciting book. Our tip: Please do not take any electronic devices, but a real book! Even the typical paper smell makes you feel more hygge feeling!

A warm blanket and a thrilling book are sometimes enough to relax and forget the stress of everyday life

Hygge feeling at home

  1. Leave the cell phone away!

As we have already emphasized, the Hygge feeling is warmth and coziness, closeness to nature and enjoyment of simple things. It can hardly be reconciled with the dynamics of everyday life in the big city. So that you really reduce the stress, then you simply have to do without the modern devices, at least for a while. So, put the phone away and enjoy the feeling of being completely undisturbed!

Follow the tips described above and get more hygge feeling in everyday life! We sincerely wish you that!

The Hygge lifestyle is so beautiful!

Hygge lifestyle

Hyggelig living

Simply furnished and full of hygge feeling!

Wood paneling

Wood and soft fabrics radiate heat and are favored by the Danes

Wooden shelves wooden table

Hygge feeling means warmth and coziness at home

Hygge feeling warmth coziness at home happy


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