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Ice cubes – a refreshing idea that is also pleasing to the eye!

ice cube ice cube dyi ideas

Ice cubes – from the luxury product to the product you enjoy every day

How often do you use ice cubes at home? Did you know that in the beginning of their invention, they were incredibly expensive? They were first manufactured by General Electric. She has produced the first household refrigerators.

They were about twice as expensive as a car back then. The price you had to pay was about $ 1000. They were driven by a belt that worked gently hidden in an adjoining room.

Only 17 years later, the same company produced a refrigerator that housed all the functional parts in a single box.

Why is ice really so important?

ice cube ice cubes make yourself fridge ice cube

So you can look each time you do ice cubes pour into your cocktail, feel selected. Because it’s an evolutionary achievement that has ever been as crucial to survival as fire. Those who had ice cream could store their food. So they were not spoiled and you could better take care of your own health.

The ice has a good effect on the food

fridge ice cube ice cubes ice cube making yourself


The Chinese were the first innovators in this regard. In the summer heat they had used various factors for the preparation of ice cream. They collected ice from the mountains in special rooms.

The Persians did the same thing about 400 years before Christ. They too have taken ice from the high mountain peaks and then stowed it in specially insulated rooms with very thick walls. You called these refrigerators Yakh-chal.

The bottom line is that you can feel classy, ​​even if you just have some ice cubes on the table!

The different forms of ice cubes

coktail ideas ice cubes fridge ice cube

Now comes some ideas that can help you to really present your taste for the ice cubes. Would you feel like it? You have a lot of choices in this regard. At the moment these are very popular with hearts. You can not only get that specific shape, but also a great color.

This can be achieved by mixing different shapes and colors.

A refreshing summer drink

make ice yourself ice cube drink ideas

A colorful ice cream design

dyi ideas make ice cubes yourself

An idea for the romantic evening

dyi ideas ice cubes make ice cubes

This ice cube shape speaks alone for themselves

ice molds make ice cubes yourself

With this idea you will surely delight your guests

ice shapes fridge ice cube ice cubes

Ice cubes in different diamond shapes

ice cubes buy ice make dyi ideas

Ice mold for the fridge

Ice Cube Molds Refrigerator Ice Cube Ice Cube

Make summer drinks even more interesting with ice cubes and fruits

fridge ice cubes dyi ideas ice cubes

This shape is easy to put in bottles

fridge ice cubes ice cubes

Chilled fruit in spherical form

make ice cubes make ice cubes buy ice cubes

A shark in the drink?

Buy ice cubes Buy ice cubes yourself


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