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Ideal curtain nursery – is there such a thing?

curtain nursery pink white dots

Curtain nursery – inspiring ideas

The ideal curtain for the nursery – if such a thing exists? Yes, surely there is such a thing, but the selection is always very personal. Because it has to meet the specific needs of each child. These are, like the little ones themselves, very individual and original.

But we have put together ideas and images of people who have made it, the ideal one Curtain nursery to find. Scroll down and feel invited to draw inspiration and great ideas from it.

Bright curtains on flowers

kids room curtain design funny colorful

The curtain in the nursery as a pivot

You must be aware that the curtain in the nursery is always a focal point. That’s why you have to be very responsible with its selection. The selected curtain will determine the well-being of the child in the room. At the same time, the little ones will often go there and touch it. That’s why you have to adhere to the perfect hygiene. If this condition is not met, one sometimes puts the health of the children at risk.

White pattern with elements in pink

curtain nursery white curtains colored butterflies

Matching curtains for a boy’s room

children's room curtain colored funny pattern blue wall design

Roman blinds in the nursery

The roman blinds are certainly also here, as well as in other places a very practical and successful selection. Dealing with it is very easy. This automatically means that they are child friendly. Besides, the variants for their appearance are very varied. So you will dodge through the curtain in the nursery of boredom. This is fundamental to the little ones. In an exciting and interesting atmosphere they feel better and better.

Letters and animal illustrations

nursery curtain design fresh pattern animals letters

Roman blinds give designers the opportunity to experiment. It can also be used to design the ambience to match the growth of the children. This is also a very exciting and interesting aspect.

Classic curtain in the nursery

Let us now this single variant for Curtain nursery consider. So you have a very interesting appearance. The children find the various short and long drapes, bundles, buttons and similar ornaments unique. Especially the girls will feel like little princesses in the room with a classic curtain.

Transparent curtain in soft pink

curtain nursery elegant curtains wardrobe

You can find classic curtains easily from a variety of materials. They are usually easy to wash and care for. So you will achieve the much desired hygiene in this room also without much effort. Restrained variant without too many draping is of course nice. But the classic curtain in the children’s room should not be very boring either.

White curtain, which combines perfectly with the dark brown pieces of furniture

children's room fashion curtain white girl's room


Panel curtain can also be used in the nursery. Such kind of window coverings have a long history and this is very important evidence that they are very interesting. Their use goes to the XVII. Century back in Austria.

They consist of vertically aligned, individual pieces of fabric that are sewn together to form great wrinkles. Such a soft curtain is ideal for the nursery. When this is stretched, one has an almost absolutely smooth appearance. If you bring them together, a very expressive folded appearance appears.

Here you can see plastic surfaces that are semi-transparent. They move in front of the window in both directions. Also interesting are any variants for the curtain in the Chinese style (made of bamboo) or other eastern variants. As a rule, they radiate peace and harmony, which is of fundamental importance to the children.

Green panel curtain

curtain nursery curtain design green dots

Here you can see a pretty interesting design.

The curtain is characterized by a very interesting shape

curtain nursery design transparent golden elements

Blue curtain in a boy’s room with nautical design

children's room curtain blue boys room nautical theme

Elegant beige curtain in the nursery

kids room window short curtains toys

The curtain has been great combined with the linen

children's room curtain crest color dresser

Transparent, almost invisible curtain in light shades

curtain nursery accent wall pink stylish decor

Gray curtain and orange accents

curtain nursery gray curtains oranger carpet

The curtains have been matched to the carpet

curtain nursery green fresh green carpet

Colored design in colorful nursery interior

curtain nursery pink carpet high bed

The curtain color has been great matched to the rest of the interior elements

curtain nursery pink curtains transparent design

The curtain in pink is great

curtain nursery pink green wall design round rug

Curtain in Ombre style

curtain nursery pink chair stairs

Curtain with floral elements

curtain nursery flowers fresh pattern red stool

Curtain on stripes

children's room curtain colored stripes white desk

Curtains in fresh crass shades

curtain nursery orange curtains pink carpet

Blue curtain in white nursery interior

kids room blue curtain blue carpet

Children’s room with Roman shade

curtain nursery raffrollo strip colored


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