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Ideas for apartment buildings from the Mediterranean area

Home furnishings in the Mediterranean style of Greece, Italy and Spain

The Mediterranean style is typical of some countries that are located in the corresponding geographical regions. But a few variations of this style of furnishing had a major impact on Western European and international design than others. Among the most important are three national styles of the Mediterranean, which are the Greek, the Italian and the Spanish Mediterranean style in the home furnishings , Let’s take a few examples to see what are the typical characteristics of these three styles, what unites them and what makes them different.

General characteristics of the Mediterranean style

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The following characteristics are typical of all variants of the Mediterranean style:

  • Combining tranquil background nuances with bold accents
  • Use of ceramic tiles and mosaics – these are a major element in the interior of the Mediterranean style.
  • Use of ethno motifs in wall processing and decoration.

  • Handmade works, which are used as room decoration.
  • Presence of arcades and open terraces.
  • Integration of many plants: flowers, southern fruits and vegetables.

Majestic beauty

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If we had to designate the Greek style in the home decor with a word combination, then we would use the term “Majestic Beauty”. The outward appearance of the Greek Mediterranean style is uplifted, but at the same time, functionality and comfort prevail there as well.

Typical colors and home furnishings

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The bright nuances dominate. Very often white is used. In the Greek tradition, this color stands for simplicity and purity. Furthermore, one uses many natural and very gentle shades. These are, for example, lemon yellow, light blue, rich dark blue, olive green and other green nuances.

The use of white or light background colors brings many practical advantages. Through these, for example, the bright accents are very good effect. They play a very important role in the Mediterranean Greek style.

The processing of walls, ceilings and floors

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As a rule, all surfaces in the interior are finished with gypsum plaster. Ceramic tiles are also used – they are a trademark of the Greek Mediterranean style.

Home furnishings and decoration

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Characteristic of the Greek Mediterranean style is the handmade decoration. Ethno motifs and woven furniture must be evenly distributed throughout the room. Ornaments with antique themes are also very popular and appropriate.

Italian Mediterranean style

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Typical of the Italian Mediterranean style is the thorough and simple planning, which shows a coarse, but upscale character in the surface treatment. The warm shades of beige and brown dominate.

Furthermore, the following colors are typical: terracotta, yellow, orange, red, green and light blue.

In the wall design dominated the plaster, the coarser textures such as sand and gentler – as marble represents.

You will also find a lot of unprocessed natural stone. The Italian Mediterranean style has many ceramic tiles with traditional Italian motifs.

For decoration, products of wrought iron art are used with delicate, thin lines. There are also handcrafted items, woven textiles, knitting furniture.

The Italian Mediterranean style has a detailed character. Each item has a more or less own presence and gravity in the room.

Spanish Mediterranean style

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The Spanish style is at the same time very artistic, but it is also characterized by a specific brutal charisma.

The typical colors are terracotta and dark brown, and these are combined with white and light beige. The accents are in blue, green or red.

The wall work is typically made of ceramic tiles, mosaics with ethno motifs, which are often drawn by hand. It also uses natural stone, clay and massive wooden beams.

The decoration includes hand-carved lace, coarse blacksmith elements, textiles with national motifs.

In all its directions, the Mediterranean style is one of the most colorful and original interior design styles available. On the one hand it distinguishes itself through bright nuances and on the other it carries the beauty of the unique Mediterranean nature. Simplicity and comfort are found in every detail.

Home Decor – The light nuances dominate in the Greek style

furnishing ideas home furnishings modern interior decoration

Beautiful decorative colors in the Greek style

interior design modern interior design apartment facilities

Apartment furnishings – functionality and comfort in the Greek style

Einrichtstipps Kreative Wohnidenen Wohnungseinrichtungen

A colorful and trendy bathroom design in the Spanish style

bathroom design home decor creative living ideas home furnishings

Home furnishings – A dreamlike terrace design

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Handmade things, which are used as room decoration

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Home Furnishings – ornaments with antique theme are also very popular and suitable

furnishing tips interior design apartment furnishings furnishing ideas

The colors play a very important role in the Mediterranean Greek style

modern interior design dwellings interior design

The Italian Mediterranean style has a detailed character

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Furnishings – Marble is Italian style

interior design ideas dwelling units modern interior design

Combining tranquil background nuances with bold accents

interior design ideas interior design

cake design interior design ideas decorating tips home furnishings

A characterful home decor

spanish interior design dwelling facilities furnishing tips

Ceramic tiles and mosaics are the main elements in the interior design of the Mediterranean style

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Wrought iron elements are typical of the Italian style

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creative ideas of home decorating ideas interior design apartment facilities

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