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Ideas for bookshelves that enhance the design of the living room-

So you can decorate the bookshelves to bring the design of the living room to a higher level

The decoration of the bookshelves could play the key role in the living room furniture. The following tips guarantee a timeless and upscale look not only for these open storage areas, but for the entire room.

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Paint the bookshelves in the same color as the wall behind

Run the shelves in the same color as the wall behind. So the books seem like floating in front of them. This also makes your living room furniture look a lot more modern, even if the design generally has a traditional character.

Paint the bookshelves with the appropriate color

Accessories for-an-der-Front

Integrate the desktops into a bookshelf system

If you have chosen a bookcase wall, then you can also integrate other functions in it. Part of the lower surfaces can serve as a working space. Thus, you achieve a seamless integration of this area in the rest of the room.

This is particularly important in a modern living environment, because more and more frequently a room combines several functions.

A creative integration of the work surfaces

work surface-integrate

Position art objects at eye level

The positioning of art objects is a common designer trick. Works of art should be at eye level best. For example, works of art are exhibited in museums and galleries. By adhering to this rule, you show through your home furnishings that you have high culture, good general education and sophisticated taste.

The artwork should be positioned at eye level

art objects-aud-eye level


Close the open shelves with glass doors

The glass doors presented to the bookshelves are a popular designer tool for the refinement of bookshelves. This is still a good strategy to help you light up a dark living room design.

The glass doors are classic and elegant

use up-to-glass doors

Colored and black and white areas in the bookshelf

Shelves with a variety of monochrome and colored areas are particularly interesting. So make room for black and white photography or graphics. Do not forget the rule just mentioned, namely that they should be at eye level.

Black and white areas that fit perfectly with the wall design


Symmetrically positioned shelves

The symmetrical interior design regains its popularity. It is quite trendy in 2019. This device can be wonderfully accentuated by two identical shelves on either side of a door or other central element.

Symmetry and creativity in one

symmetrically-established-shelf-unit creative forms

Accessories on the front of the shelves

Built-in shelves are chosen by home residents, who care about the seamless look. Emphasize your recessed character through some artworks on the front. This can be achieved through various accessories and artworks installed on it.

Put the accessories on the front


Make every bookshelf your own work

Modern concepts for living room decorating treat the bookshelves like individual works of art. They are like a free space on which a separate “subject” can be displayed. With this strategy, you also successfully lend the different living room areas their own character.

The bookshelf should have its own character


Show only a few selected books

You could also keep your books in locked shelves. Show in the open only these works, which represent appealing accents and represent your interests exactly.

Show only those works that you like the most

select selected books

The strategies described for modern and upscale book design seem very noble and are relatively easy to perform. Finally, we would like to point out that some of them are great combined. We hope you enjoy developing your own idea for bookshelf decoration and design.

Black and white design of a bookshelf

glass doors-bookcase

Position the artwork very carefully and at eye level

artworks-in shelf

The favorite books should be positioned centrally


Vintage bookcase with glass doors

retro-vintage bookshelf

Pay attention to the symmetry of the bookshelf


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