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Ideas for napkins folding for a special table atmosphere

Do you like to invite guests often? You always want to do something different with the table decoration, do not you? If so, then the different looking napkins are a very good solution for you. And a very practical too. Today we discuss some techniques for Folding napkins , They fit different themes and colors. They inscribe themselves in spaces of different styles – some look more modern, others more rustic and vintage.

Napkin folding techniques that make a dinner special

napkins simply fold napkin folding technique

Napkins that bring romance to the table

Here you can see the so-called French technique for folding napkins. With this, the cutlery can be easily transferred from one place to another.

This napkin technique is simple and it is suitable for occasions that need a longer preparation.

You can insert the cutlery pieces into the napkin and they are thus protected from the dust. So you can cover the table even one day before an official lunch or dinner.

Elves and fairies

Is a meal organized on the occasion of a children’s birthday? Or do you simply want the kids to feel good at the adults’ table too? Maybe you want to secretly make yourself a journey into the world of the elves. There are techniques for napkin folds that you can use to craft elf hats or other fairy-tale elements.

A bow tie made of cloth napkin

napkins fold napkin napkin napkins fold easily


Folding napkins in the shape of flies

This is a very popular technique for folding napkins. It is also very simple. On wedding celebrations it is very appropriate. In this case you also need a strip for the middle of the fly. It is best to use another fabric of the same color. The combination of textiles is very effective.


Drawers are a fitting technique for folding napkins if you want to give your dinner a feminine character. At a wedding you can combine this technique with the fly variant to mark the places of the ladies and gentlemen.

Envelope Technology

The technique of folding napkins in the form of an envelope is another classic choice. It is also very convenient because you can place the cutlery in it.

Folding napkins, made easy!

napkin folding flyer napkin folding technique

Noble fabrics and colors for more romance

napkin folds napkins fold napkins

Romantic techniques for napkin folding

For the last part of this article, we have prepared for you some particularly romantic ideas for folding napkins. They are not just for couples. They are ideal for spring, which always brings a longing for romance, gentleness and refreshment.

These ideas also have a very modern aspect: they have different accessories and that makes them convertible. That You can use the same napkin technique and change the accessory every time. So you almost always have something new.

napkins folding fan napkin folding technique

The napkin folding is not a must, but a pleasure

Like many other rules, folded napkins are no longer a must. A modern, formal dinner focuses on the food, its taste and attractive appearance. They are in the center of interest and serve as a table decoration at the same time. This and the conversation between those present are the most important

But you always get creative with napkin folds. This is an easy way to make a friendly get-together interesting and subordinate it purely visually to a topic. The napkin fold is also an interesting occupation, in which you can include all members of the family. Last but not least, nice-looking napkins are also a great topic of conversation at the table!

Combine two different napkin colors

table decoration napkins simply fold

Napkins simply fold cloth napkins fold

Video tutorial for a romantic napkin folding tennnik

An easy guide to napkin folding

napkins fold instructions cloth napkins folds

This is a very popular and easy technique for folding napkins

Napkins simply fold cloth napkins fold

Learn the art of napkin folding

napkin folding tablecloth ideas cloth napkins folding

Adventurous and dreamy cloth napkins fold

napkins simply fold table deco napkin folding technique

napkin folding paper napkins folding napkins folding

Folding napkins – The roses have always been a symbol of romance

napkins folding napkin folding technique napkin folding

Folding Napkins – Use different accessories to enhance the effect

napkins folding fabric servettes folding napkin folding technique

The colors of the napkins also add much to the overall mood of the table

Napkin folding napkins fold easily

The napkin drawers are a classic choice

napkin folding napkins folding fan

Table decoration in spring mood

serviettenfalttechnik napkins folds cloth napkin folds

Folding napkins – The combination of textiles is very effective

napkin fold tablecloth napkins

tablecloth napkins folding cloth napkins fold

Present your best cutlery

cloth napkins folding napkins folding serviettefattechnik

Folding napkins – Fold a cutlery bag made of cloth napkin

napkins fold napkins fold easily

Fold paper napkin in heart shape

paper napkins fold table napkins table decoration

Folding Napkins – Use a cloverleaf napkin as a plate decoration

cloth napkins folding table decoration napkin folding technique

cloth napkins fold table deco napkins fold


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