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IKEA deco for 2018 – current ideas from the new catalog

Winter is just around the corner in just a few months. In cold and freezing, every person strives for the cozy warmth and comfort of their own four walls and wants to stay longer at home! Certainly a cozy home is a must for everyone. Would you like to personalize your apartment? IKEA would like to help. Among the enormous sources of information and various inspirations IKEA is characterized by a special philosophy of happiness. In our busy everyday life, we need more space to recover and pursue our favorite pastimes. Because only then can we personalize our home. Sometimes we need a new start, sometimes we prefer to resume our old hobby. That’s why we need to know how to free more space.

The big furniture manufacturer IKEA has presented its trends for the year 2018 and has something to offer everyone. You should not change everything in your home decor and design. Maybe only a small change could optimize your living conditions. Below we want you to read about the news in IKEA Decoration Let us know about the 2018 catalog by getting together some IKEA View pictures. Trendy decorative articles can be seen in the pictures.

Bring a zen note into your home

IKEA Deco Zen

Clean, calm and room for Zen with IKEA decoration ideas

Nature is undoubtedly the best place to relax. The natural materials – conifer wood, green indoor plants, cotton bring fresh air, harmonious colors and beautiful textures into your home. A few low stools and tables from IKEA Deko in a chaos-free room are a good idea.

So you make it possible to talk to friends until late or just meditate for a few minutes.

If you use space-saving furniture such as shelves, personal elements come to the fore

Free IKEA decoration space

IKEA decoration – space for your CV

Personalize your home by introducing individual touches into the interior design. Choose pieces that connect you with positive emotions and put them in the foreground. Frame the photos, experiment with with decoys, souvenirs or even love letters. Combine beautiful pieces in different shapes and sizes and arrange your spaces. They should follow the rules – an accent color combines well with a palette of neutral shades and only a main material (glass, wood or ceramics) should be put into focus.

If you are always on the move, you can only take the essentials with you

IKEA deco movement

Unique facility that you can do yourself

IKEA deco unique

Make it unique!

Often our lifestyle is reflected in our home. The furniture is also influenced by our way of life. With style, ideas and inspiration, you can create something unique out of your home that you can not find anywhere else. Take the brush, choose a stark color and transform the old wooden furniture and clay pots into real eye-catchers! You can even paint colorful patterns that all need imagination, skill and sensitivity.

We hope that we can help you with the ideas presented here by IKEA Deko. At least now you know more about the philosophy of life and the new trends offered by the big furniture manufacturer.

Choose natural materials and create aesthetics

IKEA decoration aesthetics

Express your identity in a room

IKEA deco living room

Design comfort with shelves, lamps and pendants

IKEA deco dining room

Hanging lamps provide excellent lighting

IKEA deco hanging lamps

Combine colors from a palette and place the color accent on a single piece

IKEA deco combination of colors

Put on natural materials

IKEA decorative upholstery

Choose space-saving, multifunctional furniture

IKEA decorative sofa space-saving

A modern candle holder as a decorative article from IKEA

IKEA deco table

Candles bring cosiness into the ambience

IKEA deco table decoration

Decorate magically for the coming Christmas

IKEA Christmas decoration

And enjoy your evening with some wine from a masterfully formed glass

IKEA deco wine glasses


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