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In the textile and wall design stripes can be so varied: 30 examples

Whether super thin or big and eye-catching, stripes always make a strong impression in the wall design and ensure characterful design. At the same time, the space that has been designed can be very varied. Proof of this are the following fabulous examples.

They not only close ideas for wall design, but also for stripes on textiles and furniture.

The striped patterns help to make the room appear more spacious

wall design stripes and floor design

The carpet with stripes as a graphic accent

In this very minimalist and modern space, the striped carpet is a fabulous accent black and white color palette introduced, which makes the whole thing elegant and upscale. We also see in the Wandgestaltng stripes, which make the space look higher by their vertical orientation.

This example shows how to visually change the dimensions in a small room with the help of the stripes.

The bright nautical stripes liven up the atmosphere in this dining room

bright strip floor living room

Subtle nautical color palette

Like the previous room, this too has been done in very bright colors. Again, plays the carpet the role of an accent. However, he fulfills these by introducing subtle nautical shades.

The blue-and-white stripe patterns correspond with the graphic ones on the chairs and some flowerpots.

These nautical stripe patterns here show the visual power of design: even in very bright colors and with limited application, they are able to completely transform a space.

This little striped element leaves a strong impression in the bright bathroom

wall design stripes a curtain

Small decorative elements

In this third room we experience a small decorative element in a striped style. The colors selected are black and white. Despite its neutral character and the small area it covers, this small window shade changes the overall impression of the room.

Such a design represents a great alternative to the ideas in which stripes dominate too much in the wall design. In a small and bright room small decorative elements with stripe patterns are absolutely sufficient.

Thanks to the striped pattern, this room appears uniform

wall design stripes different sizes and colors

Wall design stripes: combination of different sizes and colors

Combining stripes in several sizes and different colors within one room is a great idea. This demonstrates the next example. Here are gray-white stripes and those in different shades of pink on the chairs. Despite the different shades, the whole design looks colorful and stylish, even very uniform. This is thanks to the striped pattern.

Another thing we have noticed here: The eclectic appears in this room just because of the stripes so uniform and stylish. They make sure that otherwise very different colors and patterns appear so great within a common design concept.

wall decoration stripes texitlien nautical style

Stripes spread holiday mood in the ambience

Certain types of striped patterns allow you to spread the atmosphere of a holiday home in your home. A clear proof of this is the picture above. Through the blue and white color palette, you can achieve a mood like that of a sea vacation, whereby the first shade can be used in varying degrees of intensity. Other colors, such as green or brown, quickly immerse you in the atmosphere of a forest.

Coverlets stripes different colors

Timeless appeal

Many iconic designs, both in the home furnishings, as well as in fashion, one connects with stripes. Thanks to this pattern you can pretty much make a room seem timeless. You do not have to use the stripes for the wall design or for the furniture. Two simple but elegant blankets like these are perfect for the desired effect.

different stylized pattern wall design stripes floor and furniture others

Combine the strips with other patterns

In the following example you can see how strips can be wonderfully combined with other patterns as well. In this case, we discover stylized plant and animal patterns, as well as geometric figures on the carpet. Thanks to the color palette, the whole looks uniform and stylish.

The examples already shown are modern and have a timeless appeal at the same time. They are the most recent stretegies for stripe pattern design. Below are some other examples where stripes appear mainly in the wall design.

accent wall several colored stripes effect

accent wall stripe pattern workroom

Accent wall stripes and other patterns in the room

architectural-element-stripe pattern

azentwand-bedroom-wood-and-colored-stripe pattern

bathroom-wall design-grazing pattern

beige two-nuanced-wall design-stripes

blue and white stripe pattern-a-whole-room

blue-white-wall design-pattern

cover design-stripe pattern

thin-strip-wall design

corridor-stripe pattern-light

whole-bedroom wall design-stripes

large-stripes-wall design-pattern

orange-black-white-dynamic-wall design-pattern

stripes bedroom-wall-accent light beige-wall design-

bedroom-kind varied-stripe pattern

black and white stripe pattern wall workroom

black white stripes pattern

stripe pattern of several widths and colors

stripe pattern wall design wood

Vertical wall design pattern

wall design pattern neutral

wall design pattern pastel nuances

wall decoration stripes mirror


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