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Indirect lighting – achieve dramatic look through colored light

indirect lighting indirect led lighting lighting ideas

Colors as tips for indirect lighting

Every time you look for Indirect Lighting Tips, do you get the same things? Hm, from the good side, this means, you should remember the basic rules very well. So you will also execute creative ideas with the highest quality.

But today we have something as inspiration. We want to tell you more about the colors than Indirect lighting Treat tips. You can now achieve the effect that is usually achieved by the wall design, with the help of the lamps. Because these bring the colors in a very impressive way. It is no coincidence that we know this phenomenon above all from the bars and restaurants. There, the lighting fixtures underlie the special atmosphere.

Achieve a transformation at home

Lighting ideas indirect lighting ceiling led light

You can also completely convert the rooms of your home with indirect lighting. The indirect lighting could be present next to the daylight with the other, conventional light bulbs and lamps. When you’re done cooking and sit down with a glass of wine in your hand next to the cooking island, special, indirect lighting comes into play. Then you could turn on the colored lights. So immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere.

Again about the colors as such

indirect wall lighting indirect lighting wall

But before you implement these indirect lighting tips, we would like to say something about the psychological effect of the colors. So at the end of the day, you would know exactly which color is best for where.

Blue for promoting thoughts

indirect lighting ceiling decor lighting tips

The cool light promotes the activity of the brain. Your own concentration will increase. In addition to the normal light, you should also have blue light in rooms where you have to remember something.

Fairytale green

indirect led lighting indirect lighting living room

Green is the color of nature and tranquility. But also fairytale characters are associated with it. That’s why it can be wonderful in the bedroom and possibly in the living room. This is related to the effect you want to achieve.

The bright festive light creates a wonderful atmosphere without making your eyes tired. If we think so carefully, it can be well written in any room.

Yellow – the sunny rays

indirect lighting indirect led lighting

Let’s move on to the yellow lighting. It has the ability to give the impression that you are lying in the sun. You can use the yellow color if you want to make your whole ambiance more comfortable and warmer. But one or two hours before falling asleep, you should avoid this light. Because it could contribute to sleep disorders.

Passionate red – Indirect lighting

led light indirect lighting indirect led lighting

Do you sometimes want to look more provocative? Do you sometimes want to provide a quiet ambiance with a more romantic, special atmosphere? If so, then consider the red light. Most people have great associations with it. As the main lighting, however, it is too annoying for most people.

Inspiration in violet

ceiling lighting indirect lighting ceiling

We will not close our tips for indirect lighting exactly with this light. Here the energy of the red and also the crystal clarity of the blue light gathers together. One thus promotes creative work. Artists tend to love this light. How would you feel about it?

Introduce additional decoration

indirect wall lighting indirect lighting lighting ideas

Finally, we would like to emphasize that colored light should be used as an additional decoration. Because it brings the emotions in one direction or the other. In the long run, this can destroy the harmony at home. So you are wonderful ideas if you want to achieve a certain mood on specific occasions. You would be able to switch from one to the other mood in the same room. Especially hot we recommend this tip to the people who work and sleep in the same ambiance.

Indirect lighting for the bedroom

furnishing ideas indirect lighting led light bedroom

Indirect lighting – a great idea for the boys’ nursery

Indirect wall lighting children's furniture ideas indirect lighting

The stairs can also be equipped with LED light

indirect staircase indirect lighting staircase

Indirect lighting – a modern way of designing the hallway

led lighting illuminated lighting wall

Integrated light in the kitchen furniture

led light ideas indirect lighting tips

How do you find this living room lighting?

Living room ideas indirect lighting ceiling

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