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Industrial Design: 50+ ideas for decoration and modern interior design

When it comes to modern industrial interior design, we certainly have a wide variety of stylistic directions. So all residents can find an original and own way to make the interior unique. Industrial design is certainly a source of inspiration for many of us. The advantages that we want to emphasize in the first place are its elegance and modern look, which can be directly integrated into the rough aesthetics. As our following 50+ examples show, you can also create many great combinations with other styles. Moreover, the industry style fits in well with many cultural contexts.

Industrial design is the popular design option for bars and restaurants

blue counter holt chairs industrial design

Industrial design for various apartments

We combine industrial design automatically with the loft design. However, we can also set up several different types of apartments in this style. In addition, virtually all types of premises are suitable for it. Exposed constructions and typical furniture and decorative elements are ideal everywhere – from the living room to the bathroom.

It may be the main style of furnishing or it may be chosen only for some decorative elements. The variations of this kind of interior are very many, but the main goal is almost always one and the same: to spread a sober yet at the same time very elegant and comfortable interior mood.

Industrial design in the bathroom – a very fitting affair!

brown and white industrial design

When does the industrial design look modern and elegant?

Take a look at the role models for Industrial Design in our article! Certainly one can say that they have an elegant and at the same time modern look. But it is equally obvious that they are very individual. So what is the connection between all these concepts and what makes them so modern and original? Industrial design is easier in most cases than some of us think. There are a few always well-functioning strategies. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to choose the industrial style as the background or the interior or if you want to set everything up in it. Let’s take a closer look at this!

Metal is a common material for the design in this style

brown and black industrial design

Industrial design in the background

In the first case this usually results from the context. Industrial style is a natural choice when using e.g. set up a loft. He continues to fit very well to very wide and open spaces. In addition to the naturally present industrial elements, you can achieve the typical industrial look with wallpaper or real materials. The industrial background still includes any kind of exposed constructions. Typically, these are different tubes or support members.

The next pictures show a project by Diego Revollo

pectoral shapes industrial design

His project comes from Brazil and combines industrial furniture and accessories with modern colors

industrial design modern shades

Especially the artworks, but also other decorative elements spread comfort and warmth

industrial design pop art accents

Details such as lights and flowers make the interior particularly “warm”

industrial design minimalism ideas

And two more perspectives on this great atmosphere!

artistic ideas industrial design

industrial design warm accents

Industrial furniture

The industrial style can also be achieved with well-chosen furniture. For this you need setup with matching texture and color. DIY decoration and accessories are also included. The industrial lights would be a particularly popular choice in this context. In several of our examples you will also find colored furniture with a weathered appearance. Metal and glass are particularly suitable.

Shelves made of elegant metal look at once artistic and industrial

gray walls industrial design

Select and combine suitable colors and textures

There are some typical color palettes and textures that reinforce the typical impression of this design. These are the shades and the outward appearance of the typical objects and wall coverings that characterize a kind of furniture. Look around in a typical industrial space, examine the same nuances in one form or another, and try to use them a little stylized and individualized. Matching is just as much a combination with other styles. These are crucial for reinforcing the harsh look of industrial design or, on the contrary, making it more elegant. So we have very sober results when we select “Modern meets Industrial”.

rustic industrial home design, combination with rustic ideas, however, the whole thing is more inviting and comfortable. How different the result can be, you can see from the next examples!

Here we see a section of a loft living room in industrial style

bright light industrial design

Exposed tubes and brick walls are typical elements in industrial design

industrial design kitchen equipment tubes

industrial design akzente stool

industrial design divided by accent walls

Concrete and glass – another successful and popular combination

industrial design concrete elements

industrial design blue cupboard ide

industrial design wide seats

You can personalize this kind of modern industrial interior design with original textures

industrial design fruits bowl

Barn beautiful

industrial design gray and brown

Despite the monochrome color palette, one has enough lively contrasts here

industrial design garish and white

industrial design bright neutral color combos

industrial design wood surfaces

The textures and colors provide an elegant and sober design

industrial design wood and gray

industrial design wood surfaces

industrial design wooden chairs idea

The inviting charisma of this room we owe to the pastel colors

industrial design industrial accent lights

industrial design industrial accent wall

industrial design industrial surfaces

Black, white and gray make up almost the complete color palette here

industrial design industrial interior decoration

industrial design classic interior design

industrial design leather furniture

Here we have a typical, industrial retro theme

industrial design metal chairs and benches

great blue chairs industrial design

industrial design modern accent textiles

industrial design modern color palette

Another great interpretation of the black and white contrasts in the context of industrial design

industrial design modern kitchen

industrial design modern seating furniture

industrial design low wooden table

Installation of lights – another artistic interpretation of this style

industrial design restaurant interior design

industrial design rustic flair

industrial design black gray and red

Brown, gray, black – rough, modern, masculine

industrial design black chalkboard

industrial design very high ceilings

industrial design Scandinavian flair

Another great industrial concept with bright pastel accents

Industrial design stone and white surfaces

industrial design chairs at the counter

industrial design great wooden chairs

Art always brightens the harsh mood in industrial design!

industrial design great carpet

industrial design soft seating

industrial design white and bright

For some, industrial design corresponds with their philosophy of life

interesting symbols industrial design

Fireplace as an accent industrial design

open plan industrial design

The vegetable decoration fits perfectly with the industrial interior design

original modern interior design industrial design

plants accents industrial design

Even smaller spaces can look good with such modern interiors

Walls with bricks industrial design

brick walls industrial design

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