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Distinctive features of the interior in a minimalist style

Minimalism is one of those terms of modern design that is causing a lot of confusion. Minimalism and minimalism come so often in use that the simple users now come across many blurred and unclear ideas about this.

Here, minimalism is a specific style in the interior design , He has his concrete characteristics. The minimalism can be found in its pure form in some interior design concepts. On the other hand, only a few characteristics of this can be found in some eclectic concepts.

Minimalism also shares common characteristics with many other modern styles of interior design. Get to know his typical distinguishing features and apply him competently!

Creative and modern interior

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That’s the character of minimalism:

  • Free space, minimum of furniture and decoration;
  • Functionality strongly emphasized by the elements of the interior design;
  • Natural materials in the design of walls, ceilings and floors;
  • Simple lines and shapes in the furniture.

Give the viewer the feeling that you have reduced everything to the minimum

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Minimalism, as the name implies, depends on the feeling that everything has been reduced to a minimum. You have to make a plan of the things that you can keep or throw away.

More even. You should hide some of the items while you are not using them. For example, you should house and store equipment and other functional items behind shields and similar equipment.

The comfort must not be left behind.

The style of the halftones

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If there is a style in which the semitones are “at home,” that is minimalism. So the white wall can have a touch of black or gray in it. As a result, the room seems wide, but not boring.

Once you adhere to the “allowed” bright halftones, the walls can also be decorated with reliefs and sculptural decoration. For example, textured plaster can be used here. You can also use monochrome wallpapers or large format tiles.

mirror surfaces

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One of the practical reasons why homeowners opt for minimalism in interior design is that it can be quite handy for small spaces. He has the ability to spread this. This is due to the reduced amount of furniture, the bright colors, but also the mirror surfaces.

The latter are an important part of the minimalist interior design.

They do not just come in the form of mirrors. The mirror surfaces can also be glossy surfaces. Ceramics, metal and glass are used extensively.

The lighting

minimalism modern interior design interior design

An important factor in minimalism is the lighting. It must include as much natural light as possible.

Furniture with simple and simple shapes

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The comfort must not be left behind

furnishing ideas minamalistic interior design creative living ideas

The minimalism is very practical for small apartments

furnishing ideas living room flats interior design

Bright, white, practically …

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They rely on natural materials

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Minimalism depends on the feeling that everything has been reduced to a minimum

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A characterful home decor

furnishing tips apartment furnishings ideas interior design

Shiny surfaces are a typical feature of minimalism

interior design modern furnishing apartment facility

Functionality, which is strongly emphasized by the elements of the interior design

interior design ideas for a home apartment interior ideas

A stylish interior with simple lines

creative home decor home decor interior design

creative living ideas furnishing tips interior decoration

Avoid unnecessary decoration

minimalism creative home interior modern interior design

Make sure there is enough natural light in the room

modern interior minimalism home decor

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