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Interior design ideas for people who are obsessed with neutrals

Interior design ideas for people who like the neutral colors

There is nothing wrong with deviating from the neutral colors in the interior. But it depends on how big the risk is. The striking accents are important, but the contrasts do not necessarily have to be very obvious. Sometimes they simply come in the form of dark blue accents on lightly colored wood.

Such variants are perfect for people who are reluctant to leave the field of neutral shades.

Balance between cool and warm shades

If one decides almost exclusively for neutral interior design ideas, the mood is either too cool or too earthy. Neither one nor the other looks balanced. Here is a great example: Create a mix of warm neutrals and enrich them with pleasant cool accents like cool blue and lavender.

Try to get a balance with the color palette of the room

neutral colors as a design

“Spicy” extras

The “spicy” extras like runners or bouquets in interesting colors would be another successful way to achieve the balance in a neutrally dominated interior. Above all, items are suitable, the blue and brown tones combine with each other.

The extras should be chosen according to your own taste

workplace neutral environment with textures

Enrich the room with more textures on the wall and on the floor

The textures deepen the dimensions and make neutral spaces much more interesting. So you get the relaxation, but not the boredom. Carpets give you a layered look. You can also use stone and tiles. They provide a change between rough and shiny surfaces.

The textures should have an interesting appearance

textures on the wall

Pleasant to touch

There are certain textures that make the stay in the interior through the textures to touch. This is related to the surface treatment. It will also enrich the ambience purely visually.

The design of the living room should remain elegant and at the same time neutral

neutral surroundings with accessories

Give the artwork a lot of space

Large pictures or art installations can also enrich the room in terms of color and textures. These are interior design ideas that always provide a characterful appearance and personalization. When it comes to artwork within a neutral interior design, always be generous.

The personalized artwork should position you strategically

accessories in the living room

A diverse lighting concept

Some of the most innovative furnishing ideas are based on the sensible and varied use of lighting. First, it’s about allowing as much natural light as possible. This changes and thus the appearance of the textures varies.

Choose the artificial lighting that emphasizes the different layers and characteristic aspects of your interior design.

Think through your lighting concept – LED lamps are recommended!

Led lighting concept house

Integrate patterns in the form of accessories

The grouping and artful distribution of accessories with interesting patterns can also make the room appear more rich in textures. Mix different materials and colors, but use them strategically to emphasize the character of your design concept.

Enjoy the creative accessories in the room

bright colors in the living room

Balance between cool and warm colors

Lighting concept in the living room

The neutral shades are pleasant and elegant

Extras in the attitudes

The accessories deepen the modern look

kitchen design ideas and trend

Use interesting patterns to make the room more textured

luxurious appearance dining room

The mixture of warm and cold neutrals

neutral colors in the living room

The striking accents are particularly important

neutral design


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