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Interior design ideas for the children’s room: comfort, functionality and design are in demand

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Comfort, functionality and design in the nursery

Everything will change next year. At least in terms of furnishings. Because it is colorful and individual. Yellow is at the top of the list. Some tips on which furniture you need for the baby and children’s room and how you can make this room colorful and individual, you will find in this article.

The interior of the first baby room

“I’ll make the world as I like it.” Pippi Longstocking’s philosophy of life from her “colorful house” can also become a reality in the nursery. Because children love colors whether pink, red, blue, green or yellow. This starts with the smallest ones. The expectant mother and the expectant father are considering how to design their baby’s first room. Quality and safety are in the foreground, with the material, the raw materials used and the processing.

In the cot, the offspring will spend most of their time, up to 20 hours a day. The bars on the long sides not only prevent the baby from falling out of bed, but also allow him to look into the room and serve as a support when trying to sit up. On some models, some slats can be removed. Thus, the toddler, when it is larger, leave the bed independently. The Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection has here All the important information needed to buy a safe baby bed.

Especially for tight living spaces furniture manufacturers have developed variants with bed drawer, which provide additional storage space. You can buy such a cot from Möbel Inhofer, for example , The fashionable splash of color can be achieved with a pastel-colored or patterned canopy, which is attached to a sky holder. On this hook you can also hang a decorative mobile with airplanes, butterflies or animals. So the baby discovers first colors and shapes with his little hands. In a light bedding with funny motives and a stuffed animal in the arm, toddlers feel at home – while babies sleep the safest in a cuddly sleeping bag and without cuddly toys.

The changing table is an important element for the comfort of the offspring. This combination of a flat cupboard and a changing mat not only provides space for diapers, creams and wipes, but also allows parents to wrap their child at a comfortable height. Light woods and white finishes fit well into the overall picture and are neutral. This is especially important if the parents do not want to know the sex of their child before the birth, but want to prepare everything for the new earthlings. The individual design of the baby room in the form of colorful wallpapers, wall stickers, curtains and decorative objects (eg homemade pennant chains ) completes the facility.

furnishing ideas nursery furniture baby room bed toys

A nursery for all situations

As the child grows, the demands on the nursery also change. Functionality and design are in the foreground. For the offspring sleeps, plays and works in this room. And he likes it colorful. Special loft beds are developed for confined spaces. For example, you can use the space below as a play area. When two children sleep in a room, a bunk or bunk bed creates extra space. A wonderful way to combine the playfulness and adventure of children with sleeping, is a game beds. They exist in the Princess version in white-pink or can be equipped with slide and tent to create mysterious caves.

As soon as your child goes to school, a desk with a matching chair is part of the nursery’s equipment. Pay attention to ergonomic shapes when choosing so that your daughter or son can sit comfortably while doing their homework. When friends come by, bean bags, a children’s table and play rugs are perfect for frolicking, playing and crafting. Cabinets, chests of drawers, and chests of drawers make it easy to stow clothes, toy cars, lego figures, and doll accessories. Use big boxes. It is easier for the little ones to clean their room if they only have to throw their stuffed animals in the big box. On shelves is enough space for the favorite books of your offspring. Let your creative ideas run wild and ask your child for his ideas, because often the kids already know exactly what the world looks like.

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