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Interior design ideas or how you could turn your home into a trendy masterpiece

Interior design trends: Small surprising details that will play a big role next year

Tendencies are a funny thing, right? They can fascinate us or even upset us and make us give up our hard earned money within a short time. This does not necessarily have to be the case. We can follow great design trends without spending a lot of money. All we have to do is note some important details. Often they alone are able to make a modern transformation possible, even if they follow old concepts.

Cool colors

furnishing ideas furnishing tips indigo

Even in design magazines you will find very poetic descriptions of the current design trends. That is also justified if they get inspiration from the north and its mystical and fabulous nature. That can be daunting. Actually, it just depends on you moving to the cooler spectrum in your color selection.

You can achieve the enigmatic power by creating counterpoints with darker colors. Indigo and olive nuances are very topical. This main idea can be “translated” differently. For example, it can be integrated into the interior design through black-and-white photographs and other artworks with seascapes or beaches.

Interior Ideas – Exotic Textiles

interior decoration exotic design ideas

The colors lead us to the north and the textiles – to the south. With the latter, you can see many influences from North Africa, India, South America and Mexico. 2019 is perfect for those who like the eclecticism of different ethnic influences and traditions.

Organic forms and materials

interior design ideas wood decor

Day and night we are surrounded by technologies. To limit their influence on us, we need materials that bring us back to nature. Natural textiles, rough processed wood and organic forms and mergers of every kind dominate our living spaces.

Interior design ideas – colored glass

interior design exotic design ideas deco

The use of mirror surfaces remains current, but it is more varied and creative. This is possible thanks to the abundant use of colored glass in the interior design. Various effects and visual illusions make the ambience more playful and less stressful. In doing so, one goes almost scientifically with the interplay of dark materials and light.

Do not make the whole thing too trendy

furnishing tips ideas

For several years, the following principle has been particularly important to designers: trends do not have to seem like an end in themselves. They have to make sense. If this is not valid in your case, then you better do without it.

Brass and marble are out in the interior design this year (except in the bathroom), but maybe the crockery with such patterns will be the perfect finishing touch to your modern interior design! Then you do not have to hide it!

Interior design ideas – Put on the accessories

interior design interior design trends

Incorporating trends is a great way to spice up your interior design. It does not necessarily mean that major changes have to be made. Even small conversions, such as well-distributed, but cheap accessories are quite suitable.

Indigo is currently very trendy

interior design ideas fashion tips decoration

Interior Ideas – Olive nuances are also a current alternative

interior ideas olive shades sofa

Interior design ideas – Seascapes

interior design ideas shape wall decoration

Bring the Orient into the house

interior design ideas trends decoration

Interior Ideas – Wooden elements bring you back to nature

Interior design trends

Interior design ideas – a pretty interesting wooden table

interior design ideas shape house

Colored glass as decoration – play with the colors and shapes

Interior design ideas

A subtle but modern decor – Marble Coffee Table

marble interior trends tips

Interior Ideas – Place value on the accessories

interior decoration ideas retro decoration

Even the smallest details play an important role

interior design trends design interior design

Although Messig is no longer in, but can still be used decently in the decoration

interior ideas ideas tips modern trends brass

Accessories are an important part of the interior design

interior design tips ideas


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