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Feminine interior design and decoration ideas in the French style

French interior design is synonymous with elegance. Especially if you want to spread feminine flair in your apartment, something is crucial. Because here the border between the elegant and tasteless, cheesy design is really easy to cross. So if you want to furnish your apartment feminine, stay with the French style on the safe side.

Choose your accents cleverly

furnishing ideas accents

Throw pillows, textiles and other accents have a strong impact on the overall look in the room. They are crucial to the atmosphere there. Do you want to refresh your house – do that through accessories. In French design, they are chosen with great care. They are also a means by which you can adapt the room to any new season.


Interior design ideas – DIY – yes, elaborate projects – no!

Interior ideas trends

DIY items are welcome. But if you want to keep the feminine flair, they have to be really simple. It’s best to use DIY to spice up existing furniture.

Use a lot of black color

Interior ideas black

In the French understanding of the feminine design belongs the black. It has to be used with bright accents like red or pink. This can be considered as a kind of transfer of the feminine image associated with black dress and red lipstick.

Interior design ideas – Colored elements on the carpets

interior design ideas colors


The eye-catching colors are also on the carpet in French feminine design. For this strategy to work well and appear stylish, the walls should remain as neutral as possible.

Complete your design concept step by step

In French interior design, various collections have a high value. This also applies to the feminine variant. Expand your design step by step with new and interesting pieces.

Interesting storage solutions

Interior ideas stauflaechen

Regularly look around the shops for interesting constructions. How to make the most of small kitchens. These must, according to the French understanding already be filled with many extras that make the fine cuisine possible.

Invest smartly

The interior design ideas must be very well thought out and that should also be visible. Pick one or two designer pieces per room, but strategically position them to spice up the ambience.

Interior Ideas – Mix and Match Principle

interior design ideas living room

The feminine interior in the French style can mix many different styles. Here are the most successful examples of mixing historical architectural elements and strong modern accents. Quietly mix classic and modern by using connecting properties as a guide. Use the Mix & Match principle to show your own style.

accent color

interior living room trends yellow

The accentuated d├ęcor is typical of the French-style interior. For the feminine variant, of course, you should choose something that looks softer and more romantic. Especially suitable would be the different variants of yellow.

Lean art against the wall

interior design ideas plain art

The relaxed style is typical of the French. This can be introduced into the interior design through the artworks. Instead, lean them against the wall instead of hanging them up.

Show everything you love

The open storage space can also make utility objects look decorative. For example, you can showcase elegant shoes.

Gilded elements

interior design ideas gold

The French, even those with a simple lifestyle, always understand a lot of luxury and treat themselves to it. This can also be done in small dimensions with great accent pieces. It would make sense to integrate a mirror with a golden frame.

Do not forget the natural materials

Interior ideas of natural materials

The natural materials are also part of the feminine French interior. You do not have to dominate, but you need to be enough to make a significant difference in interior design.

Interior Ideas – boldly use the black color!

interior design ideas bedroom black

Colorful carpets provide for your good mood

Interior ideas colorful carpet

interior design ideas carpet

interior design ideas carpet colorful colorful

Interior Ideas – Interesting storage solutions for your home

Interior ideas Small kitchen

Which is your favorite color?

Interior ideas trends

Interior Ideas – Art lean against the wall

Interior ideas new concepts

Interior ideas lean against

interior design ideas simply modern

Interior Ideas – Include multiple gilded elements in your interior design

interior design ideas golden elements

interior design ideas modern stylish elegant

Interior Ideas – Bring Nature Into the House

Interior ideas of nature
decorating interior ideas


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