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Luxurious homes and trendy interior design ideas 2019

2019 Design trends carry a common message: Let’s finish with the old and take on completely new tasks. The following trendy interior design ideas illustrate this philosophy of metamorphosis.

Natural and saturated nuances meet

interior design ideas room design ideas

A typical example of the combination of natural and saturated nuances is the Pantone color of the year. It often occurs in nature and therefore has a calming effect, but at the same time it attracts a lot of attention.

Make the most of this color by strategically placing items executed in Greenery.

For example, try placing it with hand-blown vases or glass decoration in front of a background dominated by warm nuances.

Greenery or similar shades, combining natural and saturated nuances, create a surprise effect in your interior design.

Specifically, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of making the ceiling in Greenery. If you have one in the bedroom and look at it every night before you sleep, you will be totally disconnected from reality and, beyond that, experience a sense of relaxation.

Use different metals, even mix them

interior design ideas dining room design

Sheet metal, chrome, silver and polished nickel in one. In 2019 such a combination would not only be possible but also announced. Thanks to that, you can mix two very popular styles, industrial and minimalist.

In the forms of mixing different metals designers are always creative. Here are some concrete modern ideas: paint everything in black or go the other way and use one and the same material, but with different finishes.

Interior Ideas – Three-dimensional textures

living room inspiration interior design ideas

For the textures, unexpected combinations are expected in 2019. Above all, mixtures of the following very popular styles occur more frequently: industrial style (rough materials and untreated wood surfaces), southwestern style (cow skin rugs and desert plants) Scandinavian style (bleached wood, sheepskin rugs, linen textiles).

You can only combine these styles with one piece of furniture: a great example would be a linen sofa with a wooden frame. Pair this with a metal table with cactus and accent textiles in a rustic style.

The most charming natural materials

Natural materials always find their place among the current trends for a few years. This year the most charming ones are announced. Designers use plenty of terracotta and cork and playfully revise their surface treatment.

Modern minimalism

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Minimalism has become firmly established and it is unlikely that it will soon go out of fashion. That’s why designers are constantly forced to present it in a new light. Functionality dressed up in style is particularly popular in 2019.

High gloss lacquered wood

The polished look in wood furnishings is also one of the emerging trends of 2019. This type of wall cladding is particularly noteworthy. Ideally, such solutions must represent an additional texture layer in space.

The furniture as art

furniture ideas home interior ideas ideas

You do not need pictures, photographs or sculptures to make your interior look artistic. Rather, your furniture can serve as unique works.

Set up your home for the most luxurious trends for 2019!

room design ideas living space living room inspiration

Room design ideas that make every room look luxurious

home interior ideas ideas home furnishings

For the textures, unexpected combinations are expected in 2019

dining room design home interior design ideas

When mixing different metals designers are always creative

interior design kitchen interior design ideas

Functionality dressed up in style is particularly popular in 2019

Decoration tips-room design-ideas-living room ideas

The natural materials are always highly appreciated

interior design ideas living room inspiration

Natural materials always find their place among the current trends

home interior design ideas dwelling facilities

Set up every part of your home for the latest interior design trends

interior design ideas interior design ideas

Greenery or similar shades make for surprise effects in your interior design

living trends home furnishings room design ideas

living room inspiration living room color scheme

Different shades of blue are very popular this year

furnishing tips living room inspiration flats

The polished look in wood furnishings is also one of the emerging trends of 2019

living room furniture ideas room design ideas


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