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Interior ideas – the latest trends that gradually supplant the classic design

Furnishing ideas 2019 – what’s gone and what’s to come

2018 was full of unexpected events in every respect. This affects all areas of life and the interior design was no exception. It can be difficult to predict which of the newly introduced trends will really stay up to date. Despite these circumstances, today we deal with some predictions about the latest interior design ideas. We introduce you to some trends that we think will be fairly safe in 2019. We also turn your attention to some of which you should say goodbye to next year. The latter will most likely be gone forever.

That’s definitely gone …

Interior Ideas – Strict Antique Furnishings

interior design ideas old trends

The devotion to antiquity in the interior is clearly gone from our homes. Even the most conservative designers and residents want to afford modern comfort. Dressing the apartment in traditional fabrics and colors is too expensive. In addition, the effort is not worthwhile, because we have all become accustomed to the coexistence of old and new.

Oversized furniture

Interior ideas Oversized furniture

The oversized furniture is neither creative nor has it proven functional in any setting. Their place was occupied by modular systems that can be easily adapted to the changes in the interior.

Interior Ideas – Brushed Metal

shiny silver furniture dinning room


Even the brushed metal has lost its importance in the interior. There are many more practical ways to introduce the sheen of gold or silver into the design.

That comes to it …

Take a look away from these three obsolete trends and turn your attention to the 2019 trends.

Technical device with matt surfaces

kitchen matte surfaces interior design ideas

The kitchen becomes even more livable by using typically matte surfaces for the surface treatment of the technique. So they hardly differ from the furniture. Connecting kitchen and living room in an open plan is easier than ever.

Interior Ideas – Marble

kitchen design marble fresh ideas

If you miss the charm of natural stone, you can use marble or its imitations in your kitchen or bathroom design. Be creative in its use.

Interior ideas with visible wood grain

wood construction living room design new ideas

Woodworking, in which the wood grain is emphasized , was reserved until a few years ago only certain styles. This look is now in demand and it will dominate in the modern apartment 2019.

Nuances of the gems

Gem nuances kitchen interior design ideas

Do you want to set interesting accents in the interior? The introduction of different gemstone nuances is a fitting option that will be up to date in 2019.

Interior decorating ideas nailhead details

nail design upholstery modernization old furniture

If you want a refined look of your furniture, then invest in the renewal of the upholstery , Do not forget the pinhead details. The same applies to the new purchase.

Interior Ideas- Subway Tiles

new look kitchen tile mirror

One of the most up to date interior design ideas is the use of this familiar element 2019 without any worries! It will be up to date, especially for setting accents.

Ideas for Smart Home

smart home smart apartment

As often happens in overviews, the last point goes back to the first one. Now in the end we say it quite convinced that no one passes the innovations. Smart home facilities are totally in and they are suitable, no matter what style your home is furnished.

The antique furniture is slowly losing importance

interior design ideas antique furniture sets

Oversized furniture finds no room in the house

interior old-fashioned oversized pieces of furniture

The old-fashioned shiny elements must go out immediately

gold gleaming bedroom old fashioned

Elegant fusion of the kitchen and the living room into a whole

matte surfaces living room and kitchen merging

Interior Ideas – The marble creates a unique atmosphere

interior design ideas bathroom marble modern

Bring the wood element into the house

wood construction living room interior design ideas

Consider adding gemstone nuances

interior decoration gem gloss living room

Be creative with the old furniture instead of throwing it away

new upholstery renovation old furniture

Subway tiles are becoming more common


Create a responsive apartment, according to your needs

Apartment smart renovation


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