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Interior of a trendy small apartment with exotic details

The interior design of small apartments will remain a main theme in 2018. It is unlikely to change in the next few years either. The reason: more and more people (especially in the big cities) prefers such living space. They do this not only for economic reasons, but more often because they prefer to live minimalist. Logically, minimalism is also a major trend in home design. However, it is interpreted quite differently and does not exclude some bright and unusual solutions! What exactly that means, we can clearly see in the example of the following charming apartment.

The exotic decorating ideas dominate in this interior

Interior decoration in the bedroom wall

Minimalism in the interior

Certainly, minimalism is not the first thing you think about when you see the pictures from this apartment. We also do not claim that this style is noticeable in every way. Minimalism can also be interpreted as an aspiration to equip everything as functionally as possible and with few items.

In the decoration you can then proceed again garish and maximalistic. This is how you live comfortably, do not distract yourself from essentials through superfluous objects and still have enough playing surface to express your own individuality. Exactly this way you have taken in the design of the following apartment. At least that’s what it looks like for us.

Blue combined with gray and black

interior design blue kitchen interior

The creativity

Let’s look at the pictures of the interior in this small apartment. Although it is clearly modern and functional, at first glance there are no particular conceptual ideas. If you take a closer look, you notice the following: own creativity and personal preferences come into their own in the context of the decorative furniture. This is clearly subordinated to two main topics. On the one hand, there are the exotic plant motifs and on the other – the eye-catching blue color. They go through the whole apartment decoration.

Exotic plant motifs can be found everywhere in the decoration, such as in the bedroom

interior decoration plants for the corner

Reflection of the latest trends

The interior decoration of this small apartment reflects some of the main trends in living trends. The glaring herbal patterns are currently something modern with their conspicuousness and exotic charisma. One likes to go this way right now to set strong accents within such interior designs. Here and there we continue to see olive green – also a colorful trend for 2018. Furthermore, the dark blue is very present, which one considers to be particularly modern. The combination of green and blue is surprising, but at the same time successful. Such brave ideas for pairing shapes and colors are in vogue this year.

At first glance, you do not notice any special concept in the interior design …

interior kitchen island tin

A green oasis within the city

What could we conclude about his inhabitants by means of this apartment? Surely they love the modern life and besides they are extroverts: At home they seek comfort and relaxation, but do not hang on objects too strong and probably spend a lot of time away from home. Apparently they like nature and that’s why it takes a special place in the decoration. The bottom line is to make your own home a little oasis. In any case, we believe that the vertical planting that we speak speaks for on the balcony and see it on the one wall. Let’s take a closer look at these and other details in the apartment based on the great pictures! Maybe then you can use the simple but effective principles of this interior design for your own ideas?

… but at the level of decoration ideas, nature makes itself felt

Interior of exotic wall bedroom

We see that practically all details from the interior are subordinated to the same decoration ideas

Exotic accent wall interior

The table decoration also fits to the themes of this interior

Interior decoration fruits

Real green plants can be found inside and outside, because …

Interior of blue kitchen

… even on the smallest balcony there is room for a vertical garden
balcony planting interior

The bathroom is neutral, but there is room for green decorating ideas

Interior sink and bathtub

The lighting was well thought out throughout the interior

interior design modern bathroom


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