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Interior trends for your kitchen

Current furnishing trends for your kitchen

Many kitchens contain in their design at the same time classic and modern elements. The reasons can be many. Perhaps this is a historic house whose aesthetics must be preserved without compromising modern functionality. Or maybe the family members are of different ages and you would like to have something for every taste?

How do you bring classic and modern under one roof and still achieve a seamless look? There are actually several well-functioning strategies. But we now want to pay special attention to one of these. It’s about combining glass, wood and metal in the kitchen. The three materials complement each other wonderfully and bring their properties to advantage. At the same time, their appearance is evenly distributed between classic and modern kitchen design.

Combine metal, glass and wood

Kitchen furniture wooden cabinets wooden details

Whether used as accents or key elements in the kitchen, you can achieve the desired effect with it: you have a seemingly seamless kitchen that pays tribute to both modernity and tradition.

Wooden cabinets and accessories made of metal

A bright Scandinavian kitchen can also look very classic if it is equipped with wooden cabinets.

To make their look look a bit more modern, you should combine with metal accessories. The big windows would introduce the glass into the game. They create a healthy atmosphere in which both the traditional and the classical interact wonderfully.

Wooden cabinets and metal accessories create a healthy atmosphere

Kitchen equipment island wood and metal

Kitchen furniture made of metal and details made of wood

The furniture is another way of introducing the metal into the interior. Furthermore, you can distribute some functional objects with decorative effect in the room. That would be another way to combine both materials. They fulfill the role of details in this case. Nevertheless, you can weld the look together in a kitchen unit that combines traditional and modern elements. What do you think of a chandelier made of wood or glass?

Example of chandelier made of wood

Kitchen furniture chandelier made of wood-resized

Wooden kitchen furniture adds a lot to the beautiful interior design

Kitchen equipment wooden details metal accessories

Metal and wooden frames, glass surfaces

When more light enters a kitchen, you feel like you live in a wider space. This makes the atmosphere more comfortable and glass is also very practical in many ways. You can opt for wood or metal frames so that the glass surfaces harmoniously join classic elements in the design.

Glass surfaces create a harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen

Kitchen equipment glass surfaces

Installation shelves made of wood

Would you like a bit more warmth in a very modern kitchen? Then you can achieve this wonderfully by functional built-in furniture. For example, floor to ceiling shelves would be a wonderful option. They would look good even in the most modern minimalist kitchen. This is a very practical solution for any city apartment, where the storage space is always scarce.

Ceiling-high shelves are a perfect option

Kitchen furniture built-in shelves made of wood

Kitchen island or wooden dining table

You can keep everything minimalist, use lots of glass and metal in your kitchen, and still put a rustic-style dining table or kitchen island in the middle. This combination also occurs in many designer kitchens. An appropriate context for such kitchen equipment would be a house in the countryside. Although you can treat yourself to modern luxury, but at the same time the rustic furniture refers to the outside ambience.

Treat yourself to luxury with a modern wooden dining table

Kitchen furniture Dining table wooden details

From all these examples we see that in the modern interior, glass, metal and wood can easily harmonize with each other. The first material comes naturally through the windows of course used. The metal is a common choice for accessories. At the same time, it has a mirror effect that helps to make the room more open and comfortable. Within this modern context, wood provides comfort. At the same time, the mix of these three materials naturally creates contrasts and sets great visual accents.

An example of wooden kitchen island

Kitchen furniture built-in shelves wooden island

The typical and classic wooden dining table

Kitchen furniture Dining table made of wood

The glass surfaces are very practical in many ways

Kitchen equipment glass surfaces island details

A classic and modern kitchen, which is made of wood

Kitchen furniture Wooden cabinets Wood details Metal accessories

The metal is a common choice for accessories

Kitchen equipment glass surfaces island

A very practical kitchen island made of wood

Kitchen equipment kitchen island made of wood and metal

Kitchen furniture Wooden kitchen island


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