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Invite the famous Pop Art artists to your home!

What is Pop Art?

In the mid-1950s, the Pop Art movement was born in the UK; Over time, this new style has become one of the most popular art genres of all time. It is considered a rebellion against the pompous abstract Empressionism, by separating certain objects from their original context and combining them with other atypical objects to bring about a completely new understanding of the material. The inspiration for Pop Art artists is a wide variety of visual aspects of mass communication – television, magazines and comics. Through this concept, the artists emphasize the return of material reality to our everyday lives. The colorful and sumptuous illustrations evoke a new way of thinking because they focus on an indisputable reality that seems to have long been forgotten: everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame! But what happens when they are over?

Pop Art artist – Andy Warhol as the main representative of the Pop Art movement

Andy Warhol

Thanks to his emblematic masterpieces of Pop Art culture, Andy Warhol quickly earned the nickname the Pope (or King) of Pop Art and became the main representative of the Pop Art movement in the United States in the early 1960s. Numerous celebrities, various protagonists from film and television and typical American products of the consumer society have promoted the artist to his works.

Through the stirring power of his pictures a whole new art of perception and perception of art has come about; Although his illustrations were severely criticized at the time, they still arouse our interest today and promote our abstract thinking. Here are our TOP 3 of his world-famous artworks:

  • His autoportrait is part of a worldwide known series of portraits that he created about a year before his death. The five works of art differ only in their color designs – red, green, blue, purple and yellow make up the palette of his portrait series. The depiction of the already tired sculptor with the unique wig is seen as a true symbol of popular art of the 20th century!

Pop Art Artist – Andy Warhol and his car portraits in different colors

andy wharhol autoportraet

Andy car portrait

  • Warhol’s series of Campbell Soup cans consists of 32 different paintings – one each for the 32 different soups that the company had on offer at the time. Namely, this masterpiece made the Pop Art movement the leading art movement of the mid-20th century in the United States. The technique used in the illustration and the commercial chakarter of the illustrations initially provoked strong outrage and open accusations against the philo-phobia of Pop Art art. The ensuing discussion on the nature and ethics of such works made Andy Warhol the most famous Pop Art artist of all time!

Pop Art Artist – Campbell Soup cans emblematize the basic idea of ​​pop art art

pop art artist soup cans


pop art artist masterpiece

  • When Merilyn Monroe died in August 1962, Warhol created his greatest masterpiece in the following few weeks – 50 portrayals of the actress, all based on one of her photographs from the film Niagara (1953). On the left, 25 of the illustrations are in bright, colorful colors, while the other half of the pictures on the right side are colored in black and white and are characterized by the common art fading effect of the dyes. According to many researchers, this strong contrast in color symbolizes the contradictory morale of the movie star. This illustration was made by the British newspaper The Guardian proclaimed the third most influential artwork of modern popular art of all time.

Pop Art Artist – Warhol’s most famous masterpiece

marylin monroe pop art

merylin monroe museum andy wharhol

Pop art design in your home

Nowadays Pop Art is one of the most popular art genres, Pop Art exhibitions enjoy a rather large viewing interest around the globe. However, this artistic movement can also be incorporated into the interior design, so that these multicolored and unusual works create a pleasant atmosphere and add a touch of extravagance to your home. The colorful motifs can be hung not only on the wall in the form of a picture, but can also be introduced through different textile patterns as upholstery, pillowcases, carpets or even bed linen. Be bold with the interior of your home, go beyond the limits of conventional design and create your own tasteful retreat!

Invite the most famous Pop Art artists and their masterpieces to your home!

pop art artist design

pop art living room

Set the accent of your interior on a colorful Pop Art masterpiece with a meaningful message

pop art picture

Have Pop Art artists earned a place in your home?

pop art decoration

Just follow our tips and then enjoy the result

pop art design house

Pop Art artists and their innovative ideas will attract everyone’s attention

pop art design at home

Would you design your living room that way?

pop art interior decoration

Pop Art Design – The corresponding colors create a sensational look

pop art innovative

Our Pop Art Design Ideas

pop art kuenslter interior decoration

Set up pop art art

Pop Art Artist – Hang Warhol’s famous Mickey Mouse in the living room

framing pop art art

Create an artistic feeling and make everyone jealous of your personal lifestyle

pop art living room decoration

The kitchen can easily turn into a Pop Art masterpiece …

kitchen pop art

… or even the toilet!

bathroom pop art

The next pictures a few ideas for Pop Art wall tattoos and other accessories

pop art cupboard

pop art bedroom

pop art wall
pop art at home

decoration pop art

Pillowcases pop art

pop art pillow

pop art artist design

Pop Art Artist – a pop art-style cafe

coffee pop art

Below you will have the opportunity to admire some of the most interesting and emblematic Pop Art artworks!

We start with Warhol’s Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse andy warhol

pop art artist

pop art culture art

pop art art artist

pop art kiss

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