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Irresistible accessories for your wedding

Irresistible Wedding Accessories

It should be something special for the wedding. After all, the focus is on being a bride. Of course, this is above all the perfect dress, but also the accessories are an important aspect of the overall picture. Here are some pieces that you will notice and look beautiful:

barefoot Sandals

Many couples fulfill a dream with a beach wedding. And of course the accessories have to fit in as well. One such accessory that has become fashionable is barefoot sandals. These are usually crocheted shoes, which cover only the upper part of the foot with a nice lace pattern and thus indicate only one shoe. They are often moored on the second toe and ankle. They are available in many different designs and colors, from white to pink and sand colors to black and even colorful striped or floral – there is something for every taste.

Wedding accessories Barefoot sandals crocheted fashion trends

Wedding shoes with that certain something

The designer Sophia Webster has released a shoe collection with lively bridal shoes. For example, there is the slogan “Wifey – for Lifey” (which, in English / American slang, in other words, means “woman for life”).

With these cheeky shoes you are guaranteed to get noticed.

Wedding Accessories Select Wedding Shoes Criteria

Unique hair jewelry

When it comes to hair jewelry, then a piece can be selected that is unique and thus stands out. Whether an older piece from the family or a fashionable, novel model, there are an incredible number of different shapes and colors! If you are looking for something really special, you could join us Alexandre de Paris find a shop in Vienna, which specializes in hair accessories and performs both noble and youthful pieces.

Wedding accessories unique hair accessories

The special ring

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – and this is especially true for the wedding. When it comes to the ring, it should be something special. But not every wedding ring has to look alike. You can add a little “pep” to it by choosing colored diamonds instead of a white stone. Jewelers like 77 diamonds offer colored diamonds and you can put together his dream ring himself. For example, there are red and yellow diamonds. So you can get creative and design your own, individual wedding ring at will. After all, you do not marry every day!

nail polish

If you want to attract attention, you should also consider the nail polish that you will wear on the big day. Do you already know which lacquer / which nail design you choose in the manicure shortly before? Although the wedding day is for most the most beautiful day in life, it is also mostly hectic. Therefore, a good planning is required.

Wedding Accessories Nail Polish Nail art wedding

The nails at a wedding do not always have to be white – why not red? You could be right on the theme of little hearts to paint. Ask your nail care professional (it is best to test it before, so there are no nasty surprises during the day) or paint it yourself with red nail polish, if you dare. There are also nail polish templates, such as from Magnonails ,

Henna tattoo

If you like it romantic, you might like a henna tattoo on the hand and arm. The beautiful henna ornaments have a sensual and dreamy look – even on the feet, which is especially nice for a beach wedding. Henna tattoos can now be painted in every major city in Germany.

Wedding Accessories Henna Tattoo

Accessories are just a detail of the overall outfit, but they are like the icing on the cake. Without them something is missing. We hope that you have been able to draw some inspiration from this article and above all that you are having a wonderful wedding day!


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