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Japanese decoration ideas for your European home

japanese decoration japanese style wall decoration ideas

Great Japanese decoration

What do you actually know about Japan? This is about a country, which according to the geography is located in the easternmost point of the earth. That is why it is called the land of the rising sun. Japan is also a land of centuries of tradition. But at the same time, the people who live there are some of the most dynamic in the world.

However long their history may be, they hold 10 years for a very long period.

The traditional Japanese style inspired us

Japanese decorative deco items in Japanese style garlands

Effectiveness is in all aspects. This applies to both the construction of skyscrapers, as well as the creation of a cozy atmosphere at home.

Festive street decoration in Japan

Japanese decor deco garlands street decoration

Japanese interior design

How are these characteristics reflected in the Japanese decoration? Let’s see how it works out before we discuss their integration into our own home design. The Japanese decoration represents the belief that you can only achieve such great achievements if you are able to preserve the inner harmony. That’s why they are very well received regardless of the cultural context.

Interior design ideas in the Japanese style

Japanese style Japanese style bedroom

Japan and the Far East

As in all the traditions of the Far East, the order of the universe and its harmony reign here. Leading for their achievement are in the Japanese decoration, the colors. That’s why you should be very careful in the color selection.

Combine colors skillfully

Japanese style Japanese style dining room

The most important among the colors are black and white. This is by no means coincidental. First, they contain all the other nuances and shades. In addition, they show the two opposites – good and bad. Let’s delve a little further into the topic and look at what kind of application the two colors have.

Neutral color shades ensure the balance in the interior

japanese decoration ideas with indoor plants japanese bed

Use the energy of the plants

Japanese decor ideas with houseplants succulents

Black at the Japan Deco

Black is used on the outer walls and in many different ornaments. It should be noted, however, that in Japan what we call minimalism has prevailed for many years. So we mean with ornaments very subtle jewelry details.

So you decorate a garden party

Decorate Japanese decor garden party

White and the other neutral colors like beige always appear on the insides of buildings in architecture. This finds a correspondence even with the smaller objects.

And so you can decorate your living room wall

Japanese decor wall design ideas wall decal

The decoration in Japan as an infinite search

The decoration in Japan can be described as an incessant search for harmony. These are discovered again in the balance between color and form. The natural materials, and specifically wood, bamboo and paper, play a leading role here. Even the straight and clean lines are of fundamental importance.

In search of harmony

Japanese decor ideas with indoor plants Feng Shui

Free walls

Within the Japanese interior you have a lot of space for decoration. That’s because the furniture is positioned in the middle of the room. This leaves a lot of space on all walls.

Enough space for decoration

Decorate Japanese decor living room and decorate

The table

Very important within the Japanese decoration is the table design. The table is the central element in a room. Here you will also find the emanation of the rules that are important. All objects must be very strictly geometrical. Each line must also represent a vector.

A Japanese dining room

Japanese decor dining room in Japanese style wall decor

The table itself is low and painted in black. It is also wide and made of cedar wood. The dishes themselves are traditionally made of wood. For sitting you only have thin mattresses.

Minimalist wooden furniture in the living room

Japanese decorative living room in the Japanese style

The design in every form, even with the decoration in the Japanese style, has a very strict character. One orders with attention to every detail. The details must harmonize wonderfully with each other.

A bright wall color as an accent

Japanese decor living room in Japanese style wall paint green

Modern features are there, but these traditional characteristics have not changed over time. Would the Japanese decoration and interior design have a place in your house?

Energetic atmosphere in traditional Japanese colors

Japanese decor living room in Japanese style wall decoration ideas

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