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Kasokudo flower tub, inspired by the auto industry

flower tub design bonsai mountains

Elegant bonsai flower tub that brings an atypical touch into your home

Certainly there are items in the interior design that rob all eyes. Have you ever imagined that plant containers can affect the overall ambience? Of course it is possible, especially if they have something extraordinary about them … Like this one we want to introduce to you today.

The Kasokudo plant container represents a small natural landscape

flower tub design adrian magu auto industry

The impressive combination of form and function is as stylish as it gets. The designer Adrian Magu has the Kasokudo Bonsai Flowerpot created to bring some freshness into the ambience. Do you want to see the inspirational design of this plant container photographed by Andy Beard?

Do you recognize the uniqueness of the flower box?

bonsai tree plant container design adrian magu

Through this plant container brings a small piece of nature in the interior. The product represents an artistic representation that implements a unique combination of the designer’s interest in all things green and his work in the auto industry: “Indicates speeding and production engineering processes used in transportation designs this juxtaposition of objects, which is a common static object. “The unconventional shape and elegant silhouette, designed in white-gray, allow this easy plant container to inscribe itself into any modern interior that has to surprise with something atypical.

The project represents a bonsai tree and mountains

flower tub design bonsai tree adrian magu

Der Designer Adrian Magu hebt weitere Eigenschaften des Produkts hervor: „Das Projekt macht den Eindruck von beschleunigender Form, die ungezwungen einen Bonsai Baum unterbringt. Es schafft das perfekte Gleichgewicht von dynamischer Harmonie. Die Prozesse der Produktionstechnik von höchst glänzender Ausführung des Pflanzenbehälters und das 3D Gebirge kontrastieren zur Natur, wo es Jahrzehnte dauert, bis die Bonsai Pflanzen waschen und sich formen. Im Großen und Ganzen lässt das einzigartige Projekt eine unikale Synthese zwischen Präzision bei der Darstellung eines Naturausschnittes und unvollkommener Naturschönheit zur Geltung kommen.“

You can look at the 3D mountains in this picture

elegant plant container adrian magu design

And so, do you find this plant container design as fiddling as we do? Would you count on such unique designer solutions when decorating your home? Surely you will not commit any interior design mistakes. Even on the contrary – you will give your interior elegance and a feeling of extravagance. Does your apartment need it?

A plant container with futuristic design

flower tub kasokudo adrian magu design

The designer has artistically portrayed a small piece of nature

kasokudo flower tub design adrian magu

Inspiring design that can also serve as a modernist decoration

adrian magu kasokudo plant container bonsai tree mountain

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