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Kids Birthday Ideas: “Bunny Ballerina” Games and Deco!

Here is a theme for those who somehow miss kid’s birthday ideas on our website. Admittedly, we neglected them a bit due to the many other solemn occasions. The following ideas for games and decoration are especially suitable for fans of original combinations. We have on the one hand the so popular ballerina theme. But so that the whole thing does not look too serious, we combine with some Bunny accessories and ideas. We focus on the three main aspects of preparing for a child’s birthday. We have on the one hand the party course with the amusing entertainment possibilities. Then we talk about the decoration. And of course, clothing is a very important concern. This will also be the talk! Stay tuned!

Six years is an ideal age for children’s birthday Ideas for “Ballerina”

kid birthday ideas dancing child

For whom are these types of kids birthday ideas actually fitting?

Of course, the ballerina birthday party ideas are especially appropriate for girls. The matching costumes and the decoration for boys is a bit more difficult with such a design. But this is where the positive role of the various combinations comes from.

Thanks to the Bunny theme, you can make even guys who are less interested in dancing than in traditional topics for their gender feel comfortable. With regard to age groups, such children’s birthday ideas can be described as more or less universal. However, they are exciting for those under 13-14 years. From this age you already feel a bit more grown-up. The pictures are from a child’s birthday to the 6th year of life.

Simple ideas like carrots can make the mood so happy!

hanging planets kids birthday ideas

DIY projects before and during the party

The decoration for this birthday party is homemade. It was rather a matter of few, but large and carefully prepared objects. So that the fascination for it is even greater, you can leave the tinkering of some jewelry for the party itself. So this employment becomes part of the solemn conversation. Especially creative and funny we find these distributed on the table … and carrots! The other nature motifs are very suitable and well selected.

Leave some DIY ideas for entertainment on the kids birthday itself

interesting table design kids birthday ideas

Various great games

We have already mentioned an idea for the games and the entertainment. It is all about crafting the decoration itself. Of course, dancing is also associated with the ballerina theme. Maybe you can prepare a dance lesson with the little ones. If there are no experts in this regard, you can get help in the form of a video or dance teacher. Bear in mind that the whole thing should be rather playful and not too reputable.
If you want to pick up on the Bunny theme, then you may be able to present different movie scenes in which the children take on different roles. Who knows, maybe you’ll eat some vegetables and not just sweets. In an emergency, let the little ones watch some thematic videos!

Simple craft ideas, such as painting, are some of the most popular Kidner birthday ideas

kids birthday ideas great jobs

Amuse yourself!

The bottom line is that these types of kids birthday ideas can be described as the looser version of the Ballerina Party. Dance exercises and choreographies could be part of it, but the mixture with the other theme does not make the whole thing too serious and leaves room for really funny interpretations. Do not restrict the little ones’ ideas and amuse yourself. Improvise and you’ll be surprised how well everything will work out.

And some materials for birthday party crafts!

Children's birthday ideas still an overview of the materials

Kid's birthday ideas scissors and little ball

Here are the materials for crafting these kids birthday ideas

kids birthday ideas simple table decoration … so it goes on with the headdress …

kids birthday ideas ears ideas

and some other great ideas

headdress idea kids birthday ideas

And so it continues…

scissors and other materials children's birthday ideas

Are not these little Bunny gift bags ideal for kids birthday guests?

wooden plate with bags children's birthday ideas

They are made with very simple materials

kids birthday ideas kids bags

This is what the fabulous completed Kids Birthday Decoration looks like!

flowers deco birthday party ideas

Many matching cakes for children’s birthdays are quite easy to prepare

kids birthday ideas pie frontal view

And just as easily you can add the Bunny Accesseoire!

child birthday ideas pie design

The natural decoration can definitely be part of such a children’s birthday!

pie from above kids birthday ideas

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