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Kids Party DIY Ideas – “Golden Snitch” for Harry Potter fans

Simple DIY ideas for children’s birthdays have many advantages. For one, they allow us to focus on the other aspects of party preparation. Moreover, they can often be realized together with children. This in turn will encourage the little ones to be more independent and even their own creative jewelry ideas to realize. Today we have something special for Harry Potter fans and for all who like this glittering effect. And as already indicated, this idea is pretty easy to realize. Nonetheless, attention is needed for the details. So pay close attention to both the pictures and our written instructions.

So few are the materials needed for these DIY ideas

diy ideas materials and ideas

DIY ideas on the subject of golden snitch

The Golden Snitch is one of the symbols of the Harry Potter story. It’s even one of the most important ones. He represents a golden ball, but at the same time has silver wings and these are associated with an ancient game in connection. They date back to the 13th century.

The Snitch is part of the equally famous Quidditch games. You will find interesting information about this topic under the following link , But we stay a little bit on the topic “DIY ideas”. Because the golden snitch is a grateful field in this regard. The idea is quite simple in design and at the same time capable of transformation. The magical background and the colors make it quite spectacular. In the following we offer a concrete guide and then we add more DIY inspirations on the same topic.

Try to cut out the wings in the appropriate size

Diy ideas cut out the wings

The used materials

For the realization of these and other DIY ideas you can work with few materials. Our guide is a very good example of this. In this case, you need Rocher chocolates in golden packaging. Of course, you can also take other chocolates that are wrapped in a similar paper. Then you need a doily as well in golden color. In the picture you can look at what it should look like, so that your project will be realized well. Transparent adhesive dots are best for bringing the individual elements together. Have easy and not too big paper scissors at hand.

You can try lids in different colors and with different patterns

Diy ideas great wings

The method

The materials are small, simple and the realization of such DIY ideas does not require too much effort. Moreover, they can be adapted to your own tastes and ideas! Remove any additional items and leave only the golden packages. You can fold the doily into four and then (as in our pictures) cut small wings. You will need two for each individual praline. No matter how exactly you cut out the wings, there will probably be some differences in the size of these. At least that’s the case with most of us! So adjust them together to form approximately the same pair. Apply the glue to the wider side and stick it to the chocolates.

Match the different wings for this DIY idea

Little wings customize diy ideas

To reconcile these DIY ideas with other decorations

This is a basic idea for decoration and it can be beautifully integrated into other major concerts. The most obvious would be a Harry Potter party, but you can combine them with other fairytale and animated subjects. Maybe you even think of a game that has something to do with the origin of the Golden Snitch?

We wish you a lot of fun and good appetite while eating the chocolates at the end of the children’s party!

You can apply the Droplet Adhesive to the thicker side of the wings

attach diy ideas glue

beautiful praline diy ideas

Customize these DIY ideas to suit your own ideas and style

customize instruction diy ideas

White wings and gold-colored packaging of chocolates – such a great combination would also be possible

diy ideas (18)

diy ideas silver wings

Diy ideas white wings

From these DIY ideas can be created real gems DIY ideas wonderful idea

The DIY idea is simple, but anything could be offered on a gold tray to enhance the effect

Diy ideas wonderful chocolates

Diy ideas many symbols

Diy ideas with wings

Diy ideas chocolate candy in hand

That would certainly be a suitable idea for a children’s party for a birthday


Diy ideas in a shell

A few more great variations of this same DIY idea

Diy ideas wings made of feathers

Diy ideas noble chocolate

DIY ideas as a gift idea

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