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Kitchen and tea towels: So you can use these in the kitchen decoration

The kitchen decoration is one of those things that should be beautiful and functional at the same time. Especially small things you notice how difficult these two properties are to pair. Where would you go, for example? Hang your tea towel so that it looks functional and beautiful? This detail makes a big difference and we want to show you how to make the most of it!

Great kitchen towels are ideal for the oven handles

bright and discreet kitchen decoration

Kitchen decor at the oven

The first typical possibility would be kitchen towels as decoration to use for the oven. They are hanged over the handles. This has many practical advantages, such as that they are not so easily polluted. In addition, you could quickly and easily remove something hot from the oven or from the hotplate.

After all, the colorful colors of the tea towels contrast with the gray color of the oven and spice up the whole interior ambience.

Washbasin with a beautiful and simple kitchen decoration!

Kitchen decor blue cloth at the washbasin

At the sink or elsewhere in the kitchen

An interesting place for kitchen decoration with the effect of accent would be the sink. Of course, especially a tea towel makes sense here. This allows you to quickly dry plates, cups and glasses, but also the surface. This is very important for the clean look of your home. Other places around the sink would be very appropriate in this regard.

The hooks and the kitchen towels are equally part of the decoration

kitchen decoration with towels - a great idea

Kitchen towels on the kitchen island

Is a kitchen island the center of your kitchen design? Then you can emphasize that by great decoration in addition. The dishes and kitchen towels are ideal for this purpose. Of course, you also have many practical advantages here. In addition to the function of easily replaceable kitchen decoration, you can quickly wipe something or dry!

Kitchen towels should dry in a comfortable place

Kitchen decor hidden towels

Hidden in the storage room

On the storage areas there is always a lot to wipe off. There you could always use a kitchen towel. This would be at this point just such a great kitchen decoration, which would bring a bit of humor to this place. In hidden storage areas kitchen towels would also be a good idea. When hung up, they will attract attention and distract from the mess that usually prevails there.

Rustic themes are very popular for kitchen and cloth decoration

Kitchen decor great towels in the interior

Make the most of the kitchen decoration with towels

The kitchen and tea towels must have every housewife! If you use them anyway, then you should also make the best of it for the kitchen decoration. Certainly, the strategies to spice things up are helpful. Do not hesitate to ask for individual solutions and ideas!

Blue kitchen towels set a great accent in this bright kitchen interior
Kitchen decoration simple style bright

The rustic cloths contrast beautifully with the metallic color of the oven

Kitchen decoration color mint

Vintage style towels are very popular and widely used

Kitchen decor in blue and white colors

Themes like “fruits” and “vegetables” are very universal and suitable in the kitchen decoration

Kitchen decor with a tea towel

The accents in blue, including the kitchen towels are essential for this kitchen design. Kitchen decoration beautiful decoration ideas

The tea towels make up a part of the rustic elegance of the kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration beautiful beige

Another great and traditional accent with kitchen towel

Kitchen decor white stove idea

On the side hanging towels in the kitchen – great decoration and practical help

Make furniture great kitchen decoration

The brown and white color palette prevails in furniture and decoration!

white brown kitchen decoration

Despite subtle colors, these two tea towels act as accents

Two beautiful kitchen towels kitchen decoration


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