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Kitchen appliance – the device trends for 2018!

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Hot trends in kitchen appliances – Part 1

There are currently many current styles for the kitchen equipment. They include all modern kitchen appliances. The adjective “modern” refers above all to innovation. The appearance can be different – from high tech to retro.

The following are some hot trends that you should always recognize under the outer cover of the stylistic design. That’s the only way to make sure you have the most modern of the latest.

Kitchen utensil – Sliding doors for the kitchen cabinets

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Sliding doors for kitchen cabinets are a typical feature of modern kitchen equipment. They have won the place in this with two important features: their appearance is very stylish and at the same time they are super practical for smaller spaces.

The price of different models is related to these two properties. In addition, integrated electronics play an important role. Some models of French kitchen doors can be controlled from the smartphone.

Kitchen appliance with touch-and-swipe control

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The latest generation of kitchen appliances include induction cookers that cook with electromagnetic fields. This makes it much easier for you to control the strength of the flame you are cooking on.

Added to this are the smart-phone inspired touch-and-swipe control systems. They provide a seamless connection between you and the hotplate.

White color

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White kitchen appliances are back in fashion. That was a distinctive feature of the 80s. Accordingly, white kitchen appliances are great in retro furnishings. But not only. In white there are high tech kitchen appliances with eccentric color accents. The design is generally fresh and clean.


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With steamer you usually prepare the food much faster than with the conventional oven. The nutrients and the taste are much better preserved. Decisive for the price class in this case are again the design and the amount of pre-programming, which correspond to different recipes. In practice this means that the oven automatically determines the best temperature and cooking time for a range of dishes.

You also have the option to set the length of the cooking time. This is how the stove switches off after the time you have specified.


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Sous-Vide was until recently a privilege of professional gourmet kitchens. Now, kitchen appliances for this cooking method are the basis of many households.

The sous vide preparation includes slow cooking by temperature-controlled water bath. The result is a delicate texture and super intense taste.

Maintaining uniform temperature is also controlled thanks to the latest technologies.

Retro design

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The retro design is one of the hottest trends in kitchen appliances. Mostly designers take a reference to the 50s. The most popular are the retro refrigerators. You can purchase a range of other kitchen appliances in this style.

Innovative designers provide further automation, which guarantees fabulous results.

Do you find the topic exciting? Then read our second article on “hot trends in kitchen appliances”!

White kitchen appliances are back in fashion

fitted kitchen with electrical appliances kitchen appliance

A large fridge for installation

fitted kitchen with electrical appliances home decor kitchen kitchen appliance

An innovative kitchen scale

kitchen scale kitchen appliance kitchen accessories home decorating ideas

An interesting and modern kitchen equipment

interior design kitchen kitchen appliance electrical appliances Miele

Kitchen appliance – extractor hood of the innovative type

electric appliance hood kitchen kitchen appliance

The matte surface does not reflect the sunlight

kitchen equipment kitchen appliance electrical appliances matt

Choose the most suitable kitchen appliance

kitchen equipment kitchen utensil furnishing tip kitchen

The retro design is one of the hottest trends in kitchen appliances

retro refrigerator kitchen appliance kitchen set up


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