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Kitchen back wall – choose a practical and modern!

The kitchen is the most important room for most people at home. Whilst a white kitchen seems to be a permanent trend in the kitchen space, many homeowners have recently come up with an original one Kitchen back wall decided. This tendency was clearly illustrated by several photos in online magazines. Based on the statistics of the most popular home design magazine ” Houzz “Comes out that from April to June more and more people prefer a striking kitchen back wall. These data are proven by the fact that people have just saved and downloaded such photos. Below we have selected popular photos from the top 40.

1. Mosaic wall in the kitchen is converted into a cupboard

A custom back wall reinforces the charisma in this Seattle kitchen. This kitchen back wall is handy because it can also be used as a cupboard. The smooth walls open a storage space where you can store kitchen accessories. Subtle colors and a stylish combination of colors give the kitchen extra coziness.

This kitchen wall shows a pleasant color combination and is very functional

Kitchen back wall colorful mosaic

2. Kitchen back wall in turquoise

This kitchen back wall in Canada is executed in the colors aquamarine and white. The small mosaic tiles are designed in the direction of the hood so that the kitchen mirror resembles the tingling sensation of a sparkling wine. Designed in this way, this kitchen back wall constantly pleases the eye.

This is a better option than filling the whole wall with blue-green tiles. The indicated arrangement of the tiles looks livelier and livelier, making the room look like an open space. Making the kitchen space more airy is the basic idea of ​​almost all contemporary designers. And in this case, the design is great.

A skilfully designed mosaic in aquamarine and white

Kitchen back wall Mosaic sea blue and white

3. Fine mosaic combined with shelf – practical and modern

This complicated kitchen back wall in a kitchen in Moscow goes to the middle of the wall and fits very well with the entire kitchen design. The kitchen back wall is interrupted by a shelf for storage, which attaches to their function and design. All the colors of this fine mosaic are in visual harmony.

A complicated, fine mosaic

small-grained mosaic

4. Patterned mosaic tiles

These hand-patterned tiles bring an artistic flair to the otherwise traditional, white kitchen. The geometric ceramics and the salt and pepper mills made of wood underline the country house style. A kitchen back wall designed in this way looks delicate, attractive and relaxing at the same time.

Hand patterned kitchen back wall in a country style

Mosaic with flowers

5. Kitchen back wall in a rural style

This kitchen has aroused our visual interest by the tiles used there. They combine well with the traditional and subtle atmosphere in the kitchen. Everything is in the country style, which brings a sense of cleanliness in the room.

Small tiles beautify the kitchen in the rural style

white kitchen back wall

6. A super modern tile design

In this kitchen, there is a lot of the avant-garde. It has been decided here for 2 types of materials. In the foreground are the black tiles with the 3D effect and for the background you have chosen a fancy photo wallpaper. The designers have succeeded not only in modern, but chic and striking the kitchen design.

Have you already decided which kitchen back wall you like best? Do you think a practical and modern kitchen back wall would be the best choice for your own interior design?

This kitchen back wall is the latest craze of fashion in interior design

the avangarte look

Another variation of a kitchen with a natural, rural look

the rural look

Tiles in the foreground – subtle, natural and merely functional

Tiles in the foreground

White woody palete wall – modern and stylish

a kitchen in a modern style

The window opens up more space in this woody 3-D paled wall

Woody plate as kitchen back wall

Marble is a great and super-trendy choice for your kitchen

Marble as kitchen back wall


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