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Kitchen back wall in exuberant colors, suitable for every home

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Amazing and functional kitchen back wall ideas

You want to spice up your kitchen, but you are uninspired? You do not need to replace your furniture with new ones or paint the whole room in a new color! Just change yours Kitchen back wall , A brilliant idea, do not you think?

Kitchen back wall as an accent

küchenrückwand küchenideen kitchen furnish furnishing ideas

The kitchen back wall is usually attached around the sink and the stove. It not only protects the walls from splashes and moisture, but also helps you to achieve a good room design. The many different materials for the preparation of the kitchen back wall can make a stunning accent in the kitchen.

Mediterranean design

interior design kitchen kitchen back wall ideas kitchen set up

Here one has used relief concrete as a kitchen back wall. It adapts wonderfully to the beautiful furniture and is at the same time very contemporary. The goal was to preserve the Mediterranean style.

A great combination

kitchen set tiles kitchen ideas wall design

Different-colored tiles are a great accent. This choice brings out the dark kitchen furniture and will rob any guest of the view.

Flash kitchen accent

interior design kitchen kitchen back wall plexiglas kitchen set up

A Plexiglas kitchen back wall is a modern alternative for your kitchen. For those of you who like it colorful, you can opt for a bright color. The shine provides an additional, stylish look.

Glass mosaic tiles

kitchen decorate mosaic tiles wall design ideas

Nothing attracts more attention than glass mosaic tiles. A combination of matt and reflective mosaic tiles are the absolute eye-catcher for a simple kitchen interior.

Choose the right kitchen back wall for your kitchen

wall design kitchen interior design kitchen kitchen setting up

You will be spoiled for choice with the most diverse materials. To make things easier, look around your kitchen. Think with which furniture, electrical appliances or certain color you want to design the kitchen back wall. If you have made a decision, then you can inquire about it in the specialty shops.

We would like to help you with your choice by presenting some sample images as ideas and suggestions. Maybe you fall in love with one of them.

Hexagonal wall tiles in white

wall decoration tile interior design kitchen kitchen setup

Mosaic tiles with metallic luster

wall design from glass interior design kitchen

A wild idea, do not you think?

kitchen ideas wall design ideas kitchen set up

A nice idea, but hard to maintain

wall design kitchen interior design kitchen kitchen setting up

A painting of mosaic tiles

kitchen ideas interior design kitchen wall design ideas

This back wall will go well with any interior

wall design ideas kitchen decorating ideas

Kitchen furniture with wooden furniture

kitchen set kitchen back wall ideas decor ideas

White-red kitchen design

interior design kitchen kitchen set kitchen back wall ideas

How do you like this combination?

küchenrückwand ideas furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen

Metal plate with a floral pattern as the back wall

kitchen wall ideas kitchen set up home decorating ideas

Stone tiles with gold nuances

wall tiles kitchen kitchen design

Metal plate as kitchen back wall

kitchen back wall metal kitchen setting up home decor kitchen

A floral kitchen idea

kitchen back wall plexiglas kitchen set up home decor kitchen

Mosaic tiles in gray nuances

mosaic tiles kitchens back wall tile kitchen set up

Design your kitchen splashback with foil in stone look

wallpaper stone look kitchen set up home decor kitchen

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